Has anyone attempted porting Remote Scheduling from HDR-FOX T2?


Dear all

Are you aware of anyone having attempted porting Remote Scheduling from HDR-FOX T2 to FOXSAT-HDR?

If not, I would like to have a go. I already have shell scripts implementing keyword-based scheduling on FOXSAT-HDR and I'm aware of most of the differences between HDR-FOX T2 and FOXSAT-HDR.

Ideally, http://rs.hpkg.tv would be used for the server side.


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The existing RS server might not do what you want - a new (adapted) one may be required. The existing RS pools EPG data from subscribed HD/HDR-FOXes, for all the TV regions, and then filters the presentation according to the services actually tuned (and present) on any individual unit. Obviously, the number of services available for a satellite receiver are going to be substantially greater than on Freeview.