remote scheduling

  1. zekepliskin

    [rs] Installing and using this package intermittantly caused Read Only File System issue.

    So my HDR Fox T2 was working near perfectly for many months. I was tempted to retire it but instead I did some spring cleaning, removed a load of content and unwatched Series Links which were cluttering up the recording schedule and so on. I figured with 4TB of space internally (upgraded...
  2. Werrington

    Remote Scheduling reporting Failed Recordings which are already deleted

    So, since the start of July, the Remote Scheduling Portal has been repeatedly emailing me with Failed Recording notifications which I had already resolved 3 days ago! Ok, so I can turn these off in settings - but they are sometimes useful. Failed recordings are not unusual and I normally just...
  3. Dave F.

    RS: Failed to schedule 1 out of 4 programs with the same title.

    Hi I have the following schedule series: It failed to schedule one of the recordings. Any ideas?
  4. MontysEvilTwin

    RS Problem after Retune

    I have retuned my main machine to update after recent COM 7 and 8 changes. Now on the remote scheduling website I am missing a lot of channel entries in the EPG. I have done the obvious things: run all the appropriate RS diagnostics listed in the wiki and cleared my browser cache. I have noticed...
  5. Dave F.

    [rs] Schedule the film '1984'

    Hi I wish to schedule the film '1984'. Is there a way to set RS to find the title if it's only '1984'; such as using RegEx?: '^1984$' I'm unwilling to set the content to Film/Drama in the standard rules as that relies on Freeview assigning it correctly, which occasionally it fails to do. I've...
  6. Dave F.

    [rs] Place 'Add New Entry' at the top of the page

    Hi Auto page in Remote Scheduling. Is there a specific reason the 'Add New Entry' button is at the bottom of the page? First world problem I know, but my list is getting quite long & scrolling is a pain. Could it placed at the top?
  7. Dave F.

    [rs] update automatic entry not loading

    From the 'more' drop down to the left of entries on the rs auto page I click 'edit'. This dialog appears but the 'loading data' roundel keeps spinning indefinitely. This occurred both before & after I upgraded CFW & RS. A know problem or just me?
  8. MontysEvilTwin

    RS 'Failed to Record'

    Recently I've been getting messages like this when I log in to RS: I thought that RS ignored items in folders with bracketed names, e.g. [Deleted Items]? The messages are not reporting failed recordings, but do indicate the presence of stray hmt files. It seems that the Undelete package...
  9. MontysEvilTwin

    RS communication problem

    I look after a HDR-FOX at a different location (I am there at the moment). Remote scheduling is working but there is a communication problem. The unit is on 3.10/ 1.03.12 (CFW/ FW) and packages update automatically. When the unit is fully awake (manual intervention) the behaviour is as expected...
  10. Karl Harrison

    Recording Conflicts - Challenge to the Experts!

    Hi I use the Remote Scheduling Service to highlight failed recording and conflicts and find the emails so useful for keeping the family happy. Would it be possible to add an auto-fix/semi auto-fix button to the web-if interface. It currently lists failed recording by showing the .htm file -...
  11. M

    Has anyone attempted porting Remote Scheduling from HDR-FOX T2?

    Dear all Are you aware of anyone having attempted porting Remote Scheduling from HDR-FOX T2 to FOXSAT-HDR? If not, I would like to have a go. I already have shell scripts implementing keyword-based scheduling on FOXSAT-HDR and I'm aware of most of the differences between HDR-FOX T2 and...