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Have I Got News for You - Not a Repeat

If you have a series link for
Have I Got News for You Sunday 10:30pm - 11pm
Have I Got a Bit More News for You on Monday 11pm - 11:40pm
then these episodes won't be picked up because they are marked as repeats.

However, they are not.

They are a first broadcast of the episode featuring Heidi Allen MP who was,
at time of recording, leader of Change UK, which was,
at time of recording, a political party, which was,
at time of recording, standing candidate in the European Parliament elections which were,
at time of recording, only a week away.

So, the BBC decided to pull the episode from broadcast at the last minute.

So, if you want to see the episode, which also features Phil Wang and Jo Brand, don't forget to set a single recording.


The Dumb One
Ah, I see. Repeats of programmes that were never actually broadcast. Wonderful!


Well-Known Member
My usual series link picked it up as normal.

But of course it goes Pete Tong anyway then there is always iPlayer.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
Also, because the programme is marked as 'Change Pending' in the RS, the record option is missing

But it would be possible to record the non HD version (1 rather than 101)


Ad detector
Presumably, it downloads the latest Freeview epg info?
AFAIK it removes the past and future episode info from the schedule entry so that the Humax repopulates the future episodes from the current EPG.
Refresh events is also useful if you have incorrectly skipped an episode or the Humax hasn't recognized a schedule change.
(unfortunately the RS EPG doesn't always pick up schedule changes so you can also get false Red entries appearing in the schedule)