HD streaming problems


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I have a Foxsat HDR with custom firmware and the patch to make unencrypted HD recordings.

In an attempt to be able to play my Bluray discs in another room and also plays recordings on my Foxsat, I purchased a Sony BDP S390, it did not.
I then bought an LG BP620 having seen it mentioned in some forums as working perfectly with a Foxsat. Although it plays SD files perfectly I am having problems with HD. If I use Twonky 4 the reported length of the recordings is too short, some recordings of Jonathan Ross are reported as 10 or 11 minutes long instead of 60. They play perfectly up to this time and then stop. The recordings play perfectly on the HDR. If I try Mediatomb the files also only play to the same point.




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I don't have a Foxsat, but my HDR-T2 has had a few hard disk glitches. Love the idea of steaming the hard disk - could be the non-techie alternative to fix-disk. Would it require the HD to be removed from the recorder or could it be done in situ?

Sorry, someone had to say it.:)


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It depends on how portable your steamer is! (Also not very helpful, but like Fenlander, I also couldn't resist it as I had just peen reading the Presume/Assume thread)

@OP for goodness sake don't change the name of the tread or another two of us will look a bit silly ;=)


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OTOH Steam is a well known online game delivery service so the thread title may well attract the wrong sort of coves. ;)


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I have changed this thread title in an attempt to get it back on topic.;)