Hdmi issue with Bravia

I'm surprised that you're surprised.
The loader certainly isn't the whole story, the Humax software does more HDMI negotiation after startup, but loader sets an initial state when it initialises HDMI to display the splash screen. With three known loader versions and at least three different HDMI behaviours with different Humax firmware, there are a enough variations to explain different user experiences.
Actually, "bootstrap" isn't really what I meant. I think what I expected the "loader" to do is start up at boot and just do enough to check whether there is a firmware image on USB - if there is, program it into flash, and if there is not hand over to the main firmware.

So yes, it's going to need to put up the splash screen and then show the programming progress.

Does it do any more/different than the above?
Just for the record.

The HDR that gave me progressively worsening green screen trouble with a Bravia TV a few years ago has loader a7.33. It is now used with a Panasonic Viera and has never green screened since. However, there is, rarely, a slight green flicker (one frame?) at start up, just before the main picture becomes stable.

My second HDR has loader a7.31 and has never green screened (or flickered) with either TV.
You said you try
- Switch on tv for 1st time during the day and switch to humax hdmi input
- Tv has blank screen and says no hdmi signal
- Switch humax to standby for 30s+

Have you tried toggling inputs from HMDI 1 to HMDI 2 to AV or TV and back to HMDI 1 or whichever the humax is connected to?

I have a Panasonic TV and only see a green screen momentarily. (loader a7.30 1.02.32)

I have noticed however when I press the media button on the remote and the screen display appears with "PROCESSING" the display screen often appears frozen (especially if recordings ongoing). Togelling the HMDI input options to the TV gets seems to get rid of this. It appears to speed up the HDR actions getting rid of the "PROCESSING" message from the screen display.

In my experience when pressing the media button and "PROCESSING" appears on the "screen display" it seems my box has crashed ...it appears unresponsive...and reminds me of the green screen problems I was having with this box and a previous Samsung TV.
I've put the loaders up for general download ....
The behaviour of that link on my PC is that it immediately pops a download for a file loader.a730.hdf
I assume just renaming that file won't work and we (I) need to copy the link itself and edit it before using it.
I think you'll find that you need to change the version in the http path before downloading. It will the download the appropriate file.

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Yes. That is what I did and it worked.

Not 100% sure how to flash though. Is it the same procedure as general firmware update?
Yes, rename the file to HDR_FOX_T2_upgrade.hdf, stick it on a USB drive and apply in the same way as other firmware updates.
I've put the loaders up for general download although not put the links into the wiki as there is a very small potential risk of bricking the box...

I assume these are for HDR-Fox T2. Is there any equivalent set for HD-Fox T2 and/or any experience regarding the performance of this model with different loaders. FWIW the one that I'm watching just now reports its loader as L7.27.
It would be good to post your findings, maybe this thread (or a new one) could be used to document all 'Loader' reports

I certainly will post my findings. However, although I can flash the loader , I won’t be in a position to run the HDR ‘full time’ at the moment.
I know that this is a bit OT, but I have now downgraded the box to loader v7.33 from v7.34. I have decided to put the box into daily use and am sure SWMBO will tell me if she is having the 'green screen' issues.

So to recap:

The HDR [Purple] that HAS the 'green screen' problem was running bootloader v7.34. The HDR [Orange] that DOES NOT have the issues is running bootloader v7.33.
I have now downgraded HDR [Purple] to bootloader v7.33 and put that unit into daily service replacing HDR [Orange]

Of course I/we have yet to prove that the bootloader combination has any bearing on the HDMI 'green screen' problem. Note that I have never suffered from sound drop-outs regardless of which unit (and bootloader) I have used.