Hdmi issue with Bravia


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An update:

SWMBO has been using the HDR since last Sunday. The unit/TV have been in/out of standby many times and we have not had a single occurrence of 'green screen'.

I have probably tempted fate, but prior to downgrading the bootloader, 'green screen' happened quite often.
As an aside, I did not tell SWMBO what I had done so it would be a genuine test.


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After nearly two weeks of no 'green screen' it appears that it is back. SWMBO has had several occurrences in yesterday and today. I really thought downgrading the bootloader had cured it, but alas, no.

I have swapped my HDRs back again as the 'fault' causes too much aggro. You might want to modify the wiki entry, Ezra.


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Is there any equivalent set for HD-Fox T2 and/or any experience regarding the performance of this model with different loaders. FWIW the one that I'm watching just now reports its loader as L7.27.
I think there have only been two - L7.26 and L7.27. The latter was upgraded to by a standard Humax firmware upgrade quite a while ago, so it's probably safe to assume it was something Humax thought ought to be done.


The HDR that gave me progressively worsening green screen trouble with a Bravia TV a few years ago has loader a7.33. It is now used with a Panasonic Viera and has never green screened since. However, there is, rarely, a slight green flicker (one frame?) at start up, just before the main picture becomes stable.
Yep both my horizonal aerial mount 2010 manufactured V1 HDR Fox T2 boxes had that problem but on loader a7.30, with a 2013 Sony BRAVIA TV. Longer the boxes were on the more likely they were to experience green screen constantly or excessive breakup of picture/sound even on recordings without troubles. They too had the few frames of green on bootup.

I've put the loaders up for general download although not put the links into the wiki as there is a very small potential risk of bricking the box...


and adapt the filename to the version you want. Available are a7.30, 31, 33 & 34.
Yes, rename the file to HDR_FOX_T2_upgrade.hdf, stick it on a USB drive and apply in the same way as other firmware updates.
Super useful, thank you. Both boxes upgraded to a7.34 and no longer green screen on bootup, seem more stable maintaining a picture to the TV, less sound problems on imported "recordings" using 640k AC3 sound which were sometimes hiccuping before. I have a USB stick prepped with all four loaders and original 1.03.12 stock firmware plus the 3.13 CFW version of the same now for contingency (just drop the relevant .hdf file from the directory named after what the package is into the root and then reboot the box with it inserted in front USB of course).