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HDR-FOX T2 1TB Freezing

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by danishblue, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. danishblue

    danishblue New Member

    My 1TB HDR-FOX T2 box has started freezing at random points: going into media menu, selecting channel from EPG, keying in channel number. It won't even respond to the front panel buttons. Have to power it off and on again to get it back working. Seems to work fine inbetween.
    Have tried factory reset but it has made no difference.
    Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Anything else to try before contacting Humax support?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. ChrisDaniels

    ChrisDaniels Well-Known Member

    How full is the HDD?
  3. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ring Humax up and discuss the problem with them; it sounds faulty.
  4. skind56

    skind56 New Member

    I have had freezing for a few weeks now. Not sure if it's the same issue - here are my problems:
    1. The box freezes on normal television, i.e. no recording. Anything on screen, e.g. i-plate, is frozen on screen and the remote is unresponsive. The programme does not freeze but continues with no loss of signal. Returns after 2/3 minutes.
    2. On playing back a recording the "The channel is scrambled or not available" is displayed and the box freezes for 2/3 minutes. This does not happen at the same place in the recording. This problem is the same as 1 above and the message on screen, I believe , to be a red herring, i.e. I believe the wrong message is being displayed.
    3. When playing back a recording and also recording a programme and 2 above occurs then the recording, when played back, misses 2/3 minutes at the point, i.e. time, in the recording that the freeze occurred. I have checked the time of the freeze then gone to the recording and there is a missing portion at that time. This also, I believe, to be the same issue as 1 above. I do not believe that the 'signal issue' only occurs when recording as I'm sure it would occur during normal viewing, which it does not.

    My signal strength is 64% and quality 100%. The DTG(website) gives good reception for my area.

    I have contacted Humax support twice. Firstly I was asked to do a factory reset then do a 'manual search' for the channels but unfortunately the problems persist. I will now be contacting Humax for a third time.

  5. danishblue

    danishblue New Member

    175 GB free
  6. danishblue

    danishblue New Member

    Thanks Martin, I have contacted Humax and after another factory reset and manual channel tune failed to cure it they are sending me out a replacement unit. The guy said he thought it was a hard drive problem.

    Thank you again for your help and advice.
  7. danishblue

    danishblue New Member

    Hi Steve,

    Your point 1 sounds similar to me but I can't get into the media library to play any recordings because it freezes on access with "processing" written on the screen. Also freezes at other unpredictable times but always when I try and access the library. Humax are sending out a replacement.
  8. skind56

    skind56 New Member

    danishblue, did you receive a replacement?

    After phoning Humax they agreed to replace my unit but when the courier arrived today he did not have a replacement. I phoned Humax and was told that there was no ‘exchange’ because they did not have any HDR-FOX T2 1TB in stock so it will either be replaced or repaired. They could not provide any estimate of when that would be. I said to Humax that I was disappointed not to be told in advance that there would be no replacement. I am now to wait for a call re a replacement or repair.
  9. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    Have you kept a note of your serial number? I am trying to set up a register of returned units.
  10. Sam Widges

    Sam Widges Active Member

    This sounds exactly like what I'm currently getting on our 1TB box as well. We currently have 167G free and the box was bought from HumaxDirect in Feb.

    The box just stops responding to the remote control. This sometimes cures itself after a wait, but more often than not, it needs to be powered off and restarted. I also noticed last night when watching TV, accessing the menu and the box was tuned to a strong signal (BBC mux) there was a very nasty sounding stutter noise from the hard drive. It certainly sounds like imminent drive failure. We have had these problems for a few months now but only infrequently, it has just started getting a LOT worse.

    I think it's time to solder in the new caps to my Toppy power supply and to shift some files off onto my media server :(

    Just for the record, this unit has been running the new firmware.
  11. skind56

    skind56 New Member

    Yes I have. How do you wish me to provide the number? Posting here maybe not the best.

  12. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

  13. skind56

    skind56 New Member

    More bad news.
    I received the same box back on Friday 4th November but was unable to test until today. After 20 minutes of watching the TV Portal (iplayer) the box froze for 2 minutes, i.e. the same symptoms as why I had returned the box. At the end of the program it froze again when trying to exit the portal - this coincided with a recording that had the last 2 minutes cut off at the end! It would appear that nothing has been done to fix the problem. My previous recordings remained on the box. I will, once again, be in contact with Humax to ask for an explanation. My patience is running out.

  14. Sam Widges

    Sam Widges Active Member

    I took some time out over lunch and I've just reported my 1TB box as faulty. The chap on the phone assured me that stocks had been low but that they were now sending out replacement units again. After Skind56's experiences, I hope that actually is the case.

    I'll keep you posted on what really happens.
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  15. Mike0001

    Mike0001 Well-Known Member

    My 1Tb box keeps freezing too, especially overnight. I try to turn it on in the afternoon but it is dead to the remote. Once when it froze I checked it and it was really hot, but that was when running. I can't see it would get hot at night, except when updating.

    The HDD is virtually empty as I do most of my recording on a Foxsat HDR.

    I am holding off returning it for a bit in view of the response above. Being as I only bought it recently, I was wondering whether it was something to do with the latest firmware?
  16. Mike0001

    Mike0001 Well-Known Member

    The freezing on mine as got worse. Sometimes it goes dead on powering off and on at the rear switch, no display whatsoever. Reformatted the HDD and it showed 0Gb available. Did a system reset and after powering off and on many times to bring it to life if froze on installation. Tried again and eventually got it working, but it froze with a still picture onscreen 20 minutes later, sound still running.

    I am going to return mine to Amazon if possible, as I don't trust Humax to send a new replacement rather than a reconditioned one, judging from former models.
  17. sceptic

    sceptic Member

    It does seem like the 1TB boxes are quite unreliable, with reports here and on other forums. I'd recommend you return it and go for a 500GB version. Its easy enough to archive recordings these days using a variety of methods/formats, so restricted storage is not the problem it once was...
  18. oijonesey

    oijonesey Hummy.tv SEO Guru

    :eek: I got my box from the same source in May - by that timeline mine's gonna go wrong right over Christmas! I'll refer to Captain Darlings final diary entry...
  19. Wallace

    Wallace Slightly Pickled

    Clucking Bell....
  20. skind56

    skind56 New Member


    See further experiences:
    Phoned on Friday 11th November and the chap said to phone back on Monday (ask for him) as he would know then if they had stock in for a replacement.
    Phoned on Monday 14th November but could not speak to Friday's guy but left a message for him to phone back.
    Phoned today, Tuesday 15th November, left message and eventually Friday's guy phoned back. He didn't seem to be too clued up on my situation (do they have any kind of system?) and had to speak to his manager a couple of times. They said that when the box had been back for repair they had tested the box for 4 hours and found no faults so it must be local to me! He mentioned the transmitter reception but couldn't explain why the box stops playing, i.e. freezes, on playback of a recording, that could be local to me, or why the remote suddenly becomes unresponsive for 2/3 minutes that could be local to me as theses situations do not seem to be related to transmitter reception. He then said that the box could be replaced if I wanted, rather reluctantly, but only when they had more stock in. Eventually he agreed that he will phone me when stock comes in but only after my sarcastic comment about me having to guess when the stock was in and me phoning them – well it was like pulling teeth. He was rather upset by that and went rather quite – damned customers eh! Well hopefully he remembers me this time and calls back when the new stock is in!

    I would be interested to hear if anybody else has recently or does receive a replacement of a HDR-FOX T2 1TB.