HDR-FOX T2 forgetting recording schedule


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Twice over the past few weeks, my Humax has forgotten all scheduled recordings (5x series across various channels).

The first time it happened, I thought it may simply have been due to potentially rescanning the channels by accident.

But now that it's happened again within a week or so of the first occurrence, I'm suspicious that there may be a deeper problem.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is there a common cause?

Incidentally, I installed custom firmware about a year ago, due to a hard drive crash and wanting to replace it with a 2TB model. It's been working fine since then.

I'm afraid I don't have the Humax here with me, so I can't provide any specifics such as firmware version right now, but please let me know if there's anything that'd be useful to know.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


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My hummy failed to do its scheduled recordings last night. Looking for a reason I found that the schedule and favourites list were empty. I've had no notifications of programme updates or other warning of any kind.

The box has never misbehaved before. I restored via the CF and all is back to normal. Fortunately everything I missed was available via catch-up on my Tivo. I hadn't used catch-up on the Tivo much before but was well pleased to discover that programmes on catch-up have the ads removed. Why didn't I know that?


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The box is not misbehaving. It's designed to do exactly this when there is a broadcaster retune event, as there was yesterday.
You may think it's nuts - anyone with a brain would agree - but Humax know better.


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Argh. I knew retunes would wipe the schedule, but in the past I assumed I would be asked before the retune - I didn't realise that with recent firmwares the confirmation would automatically be accepted!

I can only assume my (custom) firmware must be doing just that.

But thanks for putting my mind at ease that my box is not on the blink. (And I recognise some names here of those who helped me with my disk corruption last year, so doubly thanks!)

I don't suppose there's any kind of announcement I can subscribe to so I can be notified when these retune events happen is there?


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I had a retuning reminder on screen (T2) pm on 1/10, ignored it and nothing has changed since although I do have the 0420-0440 reminder too.
It's strange not to have seen a reminder on DVB. Not a problem as I'd already deleted the obsolete channels.