HDR Fox T2 to Marantz AV amp - no sound


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I've just purchased a Humax HDR Fox T2 and I'm trying to connect it to my Marantz 7005 AV amp for audio output. The Marantz is connected to my TV via HDMI and I route other devices through it to cut down on cabling. These other devices work without issue.

Initially I thought I could simply use an HDMI cable from the Humax to the Marantz for both video and audio, but when all I managed to get was video, I read somewhere that an optical cable would be required to get sound via an AV amp. I've purchased such a cable and have it connected from the Humax to the Opt In 1 on the Marantz. An HDMI cable is also running from the Humax to the Input 3 (Sat) on the Marantz for video. I have configured the Marantz's Input 3 for HDMI and Opt In 1, but still no sound. Video is fine. I've also tried other inputs on the Marantz, but I get the same problem. For info, with the Marantz switched off (pass through mode) I get both picture and sound from Humax via the TV with no issues.

Any ideas anyone?

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It should work fine using the HDMI cable to your AV amp, it did when I tried it with my Denon AV receiver, although I currently use an optical cable instead.
Hi Brian,

Can I ask why you chose to use optical instead?Do you run HDMI direct to the TV for video and optical to the av amp for sound?

Yes, my HDMI goes to the TV, and optical goes to my amp. I have it connected this way so that I don't have to have the amp on all the time that I am watching via my HDR's, as I tend to watch things late at night or early in the morning, where TV sound is more appropriate.
Is there an audio format setting on the amp to let it know what kind of audio signal is being received. For example on my (ancient) amp I can cycle through Auto, DTS, PCM, Analog.
Hi Gomezz,

I have the options of Auto, HDMI, Digital etc, and I've tried all of these.

This is really confusing me now. I have tried HDMI and Optical separately, setting the relevant Marantz av amp inputs to the appropriate settings (HDMI, Digital etc). I have tried another HDMI input on the amp which successfully works with my blu-ray player - literally unplugging the cable from the Oppo BD player and connecting it to the Humax, then trying the BD input on the amp. Always picture but no sound. If it wasn't for the fact that things work when the amp is off (passing the signal sraight through to the tv) I would say the Humax has a fault.


Any other suggestions anyone?
Just a wild one. Dolby Digital is switched on in settings? Seems too obvious but nobody else has mentioned it.

Do you mean the Digital Audio Output section? That is set to multi-channel, but I've tried Stereo too (the only other option). Is there a specific setting elsewhere for DD?

Sorry, looks like that's it. The FoxsatHD, which I also have, has a separate setting but that doesn't help you. As I said it was a wild one.
Sometimes when I power up my Humax it doesn't 'handshake' with the TV properly and the result is no sound. Does sound come out of the TV's internal speaker when you turn it up? If not, then the handshaking is probably the issue. Try switching all the devices off and on again. Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 attempts. You should keep a note of what order you are powering the devices up in, and stick to this order in future.