HDR- FOX T2 using with one for all URC 6440 universal remote

Here's an interesting link:


From this it appears that Setup (hold until LED blinks twice), 9 8 3 will blink out the device code when buttons 1, 2, 3 & 4 are pressed. Edit: I got this is wrong, 990 is usually used to blink out the device code but appears not to be enabled from the link above.

It appears that code 994 is not present, which is a shame since it is the one normally used to assign functions to buttons.
Try pointing it at the Humax and pressing "Setup" (don't hold down) 00074 to see if the media list is brought up.

Since it has a USB connection it may be possible to hack the settings.bin file.
xyz321 said
"Does it have a six pin connector in the battery compartment? If so, it should be possible to progamme it using a PC even if you can not get it to learn some functions.
Another possibility is to find the correct code for the missing functions. On earlier models this could be done using the "magic" button. I see that the URC-6440 does not have one but maybe the setup button could be used instead. The missing function could then be assigned to a button."

Good idea. There is no JP1 connector but the supplied USB socket and lead allow exchange and copying the 'settings.bin' file between the remote and a PC.
I'm using a URC 6440 ...can't seem to make it learn the Exit button, which means I can't get out of the TV Portal....
rbrian, our 6440 learned 'Exit' with no problems for a couple of F series Samsung Tvs so, if you meant the Tv device could not learn it, maybe it is worth another try..
xyz321 said "Here's an interesting link: http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=15142&sid=bda4dd06bcbec41c7ee96a73e6f0e052
.... 990 is usually used to blink out the device code but appears not to be enabled from the link above."

The 990 blink-back for the code which has been set on a device button works if you do:-
Press and hold 'setup' until two blinks
Press the device button to be tested, say 'DVD'
Press 9,9,0,
To check the first digit of the code which has been set on 'DVD', press '1' and count the blinks
To get the second digit of the code press '2'
For get the third digit of the code press '3'
For get the fourth digit of the code press '4'

xuz321, to test 9,9,4 I think you would need a custom code from OFA customer services, but at least the first part seems to work by using the setup key instead of 'magic'.
If the blinked out device code is 1176 then the 5 digit codes I gave earlier should be correct the function codes for exit and media.

This is how to program the function codes (assuming that 994 works):

Hold down Setup until the two blinks appear.
Press the device button you have assigned to the PVR.
Press 9 9 4
Press Setup (don't hold it down)
Press 00074
Press the button you want to become the media function.
You should then see two blinks if it is successful.

Repeat using code 00118 for the exit function.

Edit: Added the programming procedure.
Thanks xyz321, that procedure is something I would have expected to see in the user manual, but there wasn't one in the box, and the downloadable one from their website didn't have it either.

I got a comprehensive reply from One For All, which worked perfectly, repeated below in case it helps anyone else. I now have Skip forward and back buttons (I never use normal fast forward), Media, Opt+, Exit, brilliant!

One For All said:
Thank you for your e-mail,

The code for your device is SAT 2443.To set this code up on your One For All please follow the sequence outlined below:
1. Hold down the Setup key until the light blinks once and then twice
2. Press the relevant device key
3. Enter the code
Once the code is entered the light should blink twice and that device should now operate.
If the LED does not blink twice at the end, please try the following:
1. Hold the Setup key down until the light blinks twice
2. Press 992, the light will blink twice
3. Press the device key twice (the light should blink twice)
You can now set up again the device code.
If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


To program the required functions onto your One For All, please follow the procedure below.

1. Hold the Setup key until the light blinks twice
2. Press the relevant device key
3. Enter code 994 (the light will blink twice)
4. Press Setup once and let go
5. Enter code of the required function (please see below)
6. Press the One For All key you wish to assign the function to
7. The light will blink twice and that key should now function.

Your function codes are:

Extended functions for code: Sat 2443
00299 #
00308 0
00443 1
00692 2
00440 3
00438 4
00698 5
00565 6
00313 7
00311 8
00571 9
00327 Add Bookmark
00680 Audio
00425 Back
00246 Blue
00587 Bookmark List
00314 Channel Down
00629 Channel Up
00251 EPG
00423 Etisalat
00630 Exit
00708 Fast Forward
00246 Fastext Blue
00248 Fastext Green
00500 Fastext Red
00503 Fastext Yellow
00553 Games
00248 Green
00251 Guide
00683 Info
00454 Instant Replay
00293 Interactive
00420 Keyboard
00296 List
00426 Mail
00330 Media
00566 Menu
00632 Menu Down
00375 Menu Left
00372 Menu Right
00377 Menu Up
00245 Mute
00635 OK
00635 OK/List
00423 OPT+
00423 Option
00314 Page Down
00629 Page Up
00711 Pause
00453 Pause
00453 Play
00453 Play/Pause
00711 Playlist
00437 Power
00267 Power Off
00519 Power On
00314 Program Down
00629 Program Up
00701 PVR
00714 Quick Skip
00713 Record
00500 Red
00454 Replay
00456 Rewind
00584 Schedule
00708 Search Forward
00456 Search Reverse
00714 Skip
00454 Skip Back
00714 Skip Forward
00454 Skip Reverse
00548 Sleep
00324 Slow
00695 Source
00296 Space
00437 Standby
00459 Stop
00678 Subtitle
00582 Text
00378 Tools
00299 TV Portal
00568 TV/Radio
00554 Video Format
00551 VOD
00677 Volume Down
00506 Volume Up
00294 Wide
00503 Yellow

NB: The device keys and Setup cannot be programmed.
Please note that the functions listed here might not all be compatible with your specific make and model. Programming a function that does not exist on the original remote control might cause malfunction or damage for which One For All cannot be held responsible.

If you have programmed a function on a key by accident and you wish to restore the original function, please use the following procedure:

1. Hold the Setup key until the red light blinks twice
2. Press the relevant device key
3. Enter code 994 (the light will blink twice)
4. Press the One For All key you wish to reset twice
5. The light will blink twice and that key should now function again.
If you intend to use the JP1 connector, it's worth looking up your remote in a JP1 database possibly HERE, to find out which JP1 interface you would need, there are 3 are 4 types and they are not interchangeable e.g. Jp1, JP1.2, JP1.x, JP2, JP3 etc.
Apologies. From reading that thread it should have been clear that, as a result of much work by the experts, from early 2012 RemoteMaster v2.02a fully supported the URC-7960. It is classified as a JP1.4 remote so also needs the Maps and RDFs from the extra file for JP1.2 and JP1.4 remotes. This is stated several times, and also that any USB interface that works with JP1.2/JP1.3 remotes would be suitable .

All that is so much gobbledygook to me at the moment, but I shall investigate as it seems the only way I will get the remote doing exactly what I want is by learning every function or by JP1.
:) Yep, I hadn't looked at the details properly. More generally, Jp1 has evolved over about ten years so the older info is confusing. It's hard to see what is currently needed and what is history, and of course the gobledigook. I've only scratched the surface but luckily it does not have to be understood to use it.

The main thing is the brilliant tool, the latest RemoteMaster (aka RMIR), which needs an RDF definition of the remote, and MAP of the keys with a picture of the remote, together with an 'upgrade' file for each device. The RDFs and MAP files come in one major file package with RMIR for most of the JP1-able remotes, but more recent additions are in that small packet, the 'extra file' mentioned.

For what it's worth I reckon it would take n.hours to get 7960 exactly right without JP1, and 4x n.hours and a bit of luck just to get JP1 going first time, but 45 minutes to get 7960 just right with JP1 if you already had the upgrades from other JP1 remotes, for the devices. More than worth it if you enjoy fiddling with remotes and sooo much easier to make adjustments and to see what's going on. The Canadian source of ready-made JP1 interface cables usually advertises on ebay but his website says he is on holiday just now...
Imagine this:

A "IR blaster" unit able to connect to your home network (by whatever means), rather like the OFA URC8800 in fact, but with a WebIF providing full control over creating custom virtual remotes and assigning any outputs or sequence of outputs from a library. The library would be accumulated by a learning function on the blaster itself and shareable, maybe via a cloud repository.

The 8800 falls down by not having a learning function and by using a tablet app rather than a built-in web server.

This seems like such a good idea I would be surprised if somebody had not already done it. If nobody has done it maybe I should (sounds ideal for an RPi to me, although overkill, add IR in/out and the hardware is done).

What's more, it would even be possible to crib from the OFA or Logitek libraries by programming a particular device code to a universal remote (I now have both makes) and then learning from that.

It could also offer URL access to specific command codes, and thus provide the HD/HDR-FOX with remote wake-up capability
Had to look up WebIF in the WIKI: WebIF> CF> SUI, which helped a lot.

That idea reminds me a bit of Sharp's own very easy basic language for the combined 'PC/keyboard/monitor' called MZ50K, of yore. At the time it seemed remarkable that a program written with that could, while running, use certain built-in instructions for writing lines of Sharp basic for itself. Have been trying on and off to think of applications for that, and wondering why it was not taken up more widely and become commonplace, but perhaps Sharp had it protected, and perhaps the 'outputs' would also consist of copyright material. Nevertheless I believe that JP1 does something similar, although manually, using OFA's built-in databases for individual remotes.
Yes I'm sure it does. However, the "extra" is to combine it with the flexibility of a touch-screen interface using the smart phones / tablets that are now commonplace, and the way to do that is via tablet's web browser and the home network.

For explanation of unfamiliar terms see the Glossary (click).
Have to admit that I have not caught up with smart phones or tablets, or even touch screens and home networks! although I love the idea that it might be possible (for someone else) to modify Humax firmware to do extra things. Funny how our Foxsat Hdr's are so sticky and idiosyncratic while our much older PVR9300s are so fast and neat - bet the PVRs are the one's which are more difficult to play with.
Wow. Could "series recordings that would normally be sent to a series folder can be set to flatten into the top level" be done to Foxsat HDR in any way, please?