HDR- FOX T2 using with one for all URC 6440 universal remote

Re. Could "series recordings that would normally be sent to a series folder can be set to flatten into the top level" be done to Foxsat HDR in any way, please?
- unfortunately, and just from reading the threads kindly provided, the answer seems to be no.

Back to URC 6440, where macros are ignored in the CombiControl/activity modes, which is also known to be the case with URC 7960, and 6440 has two Combi-modes and only four devices, which are all individually selectable by their own buttons.

With 6440, that conveniently allows the original keys, keymoves, or learns to work in TV-PVR or TV-DVD modes even when, in corresponding device modes, they are superceded by macros on the same buttons. In that way the appropriate device button can serve as a handy switch to allow a macro to be used instead of a single command, and vice versa.

For 7960 that feature was said to be a problem rather than an advantage, perhaps because one of the three activity buttons might correspond to any one of six device states, which are somewhat less easy to select and recognise than the four devices of 6440.

...but is it right that, for 7960, macros can work in any activity mode if they are on the shifted buttons?
...but is it right that, for 7960, macros can work in any activity mode if they are on the shifted buttons?
Am I supposed to know the answer to that? If I find out I'll let you know (universal remotes are as much a mystery to me as CF is to you).
Thanks xyz321, that procedure is something I would have expected to see in the user manual, but there wasn't one in the box, and the downloadable one from their website didn't have it either.

I got a comprehensive reply from One For All, which worked perfectly, repeated below in case it helps anyone else. I now have Skip forward and back buttons (I never use normal fast forward), Media, Opt+, Exit, brilliant!
I've recently acquired a URC 6440 and am very impressed. However, I'm having trouble programming specific functions for my Humax HDR Fox T2. Using the above device code of 2443 covers most functions, and the 'exit' function is covered by the 'back' key. The only functions I'm missing which I would like to have are skip forward/back and opt+ (particularly important otherwise I can't delete files). Unfortunately I don't have the original Humax remote so the learning option is not possible.

I've used the above method and everything works as described until the end of the process as I don't get the two blink confirmation and therefore the button does not get programmed. Can any button be reprogrammed including the numbers 0-9? I've tried the number keys and also the recall key (next to mute) but nothing works. I've checked One For All's documentation and 2443 is correct, although interestingly, when I did an auto search it allocated a device code of 4543 to the Humax, which is not listed in the code list booklet. It works in the same way as 2443.

Should I try a different device code to enable the reprograming function?

Edit: Problem solved! I was too far away from the Humax. The process works fine when I'm nearer the device.
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