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Hello people

hi everyone, just joined so thought i better say hi.
ive got a Humax fox t2 HDR 1 tbyte and have been very happy with it for the past 2/3 years,
ive installed the Custom Firmware and got problems but will put more about this in the relevant
right im off to do lots of reading on the forums.
Ive just joined too but am completely embarrassed- Because I can't find the button to start a new thread with the question I need to ask?
Thank you, my upmost apologies. It was wierd because I had the post on screen and it wouldn't let me post it. It said I needed 10 posts - somehow I'd managed to include a link where I'd copied and pasted it from another forum I'd put it on - I eventually found the link and deleted it and was able to post. Sorry for littering the forums with rubbish posts (I couldn't post this reply then because of your links, had to delete the copy post) I'm out of touch !!