How to manually start webif?


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Got into bit of a pickle. Been away for a few days and noticed new version out etc. and intending to upgrade.

  • From the web-if let it upgraded all packages. Set few params like for the redring app. and tidied up some duplicates, deleted few progs etc. and all seemed OK
  • Overnight box rebooted and stuck on default channel Cbeebies... with no response remote or front panel. No web-if response.
  • Upgraded to new beta firmware to get TV working, and all Ok but no mods of course
  • So put on new mod software. Still all OK but no web-if.
  • Can telnet to the box and had a poke around in the init.d scripts etc. but can't see what it is supposed to be loading, or a page here with best solution, aside from perhaps doing
diag remove_mod_yes_i_am_sure
Any suggestions or pointers to a page I have missed please!


Try typing service at the command line and see what's running. If mongoose isn't, then start it with service start mongoose - any mongoose errors will appear in /var/log/mongoose_errors.log - worth checking that too.

Edit: mongoose is the web server software.
Hmm, Ok looks like I just needed to start mongoose as everything seems to be there OK.

service start mongoose
service auto mongoose

Now have re-installed few packages as I couldn't prepare before upgrading and seems OK, will keep an eye on it.

Thanks for the big pointer, was assuming completely different issue, durgh!

For anyone else seeing similar I still had the problem of no response from remote control etc. and I thought no web interface and telnet response after a reboot, thought I got response from both at very slow speeds after 30-60 seonds.

This eventually cleared up, from process list it looked like the auto un-protect package was running down all files for all the time it was slow so maybe it is just because it was doing a full scan? I did remove the redring package during this time too as it was the last change I had made before the original problem.
Do you by any chance have a share mounted under "My Video" instead of as a USB drive? Some people thought it would be a good idea, but of course any recursive scan process (eg DLNA indexing) will get bogged down trying to follow all the directory paths on the remote device.
I haven't ... but I can see why that would cause an issue! It seems to have settled down now, though I haven't rebooted it fully with power button since. If it happens again I will try and see which processes is hogging all the CPU time - ps on the box seems to only have "ps w".
Having a look, thanks. Frankly considering other people have had issues with it too and being the last things I modified I suspect the redring package is involved somewhere. I removed that yesterday too so will see how it goes and other people's issues before putting it back.

The top command should be available and there is a full version of ps in the procps package.
Thanks will look at procps then as useful to know what processes are causing the issue. Fingers crossed seems OK for now.