How to remove Orange filter?

Wile E Coyote

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I have joined the "Finally" club, removing the orange filter, following the YouTube video as I went (also adding a comment about the PCB having 5 screws).
I haven't dimmed the display yet (I have the custom firmware loaded) and do notice the scrolling text but had already bought (from eBay) three shades of blue filter gel so can add one of those if needs be.
One thing that could be added to the WiKi is to watch out for the edges of the outer case - you could shave with it!


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Welcome to the club! I do recommend dimming through CFW settings and turning the scroll off too. I have my display just showing the clock while the unit's on but there are plenty of options available.

I've done this to 6 boxes and have never noticed the sharp case edges, may be just your box!


WhatsApp Image 2019-02-12 at 19.02.47.jpegI did this to my 4TB HDR Fox T2 earlier this evening.

I did manage to cause some sort of problem with the front USB port (an unclearable error) so I pulled out the daughterboard and power/data wire, all fine, then reconnected it all and then it worked and read from USB sticks so maybe it just wasn't earthed/connected properly. Incidentally removing that stupid push grip USB four cable connector header was by far the hardest part of the job as I was trying not to pull the wires or bend the motherboard, glad the video on YouTube pointed out what a pain it is!

Big improvement peeling off the orange filter though, why Humax decided to put it there I just don't know. After all, the purple/blue display on the Foxsat HDR was perfect for a quick time check without pressing info on the remote. The blue/green when the filter is removed is easier to read and of course the brightness can be adjusted by the [redring] package.

Well worth doing I think.