Humax Announcement 22/11/13

Black Hole

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This just arrived in my inbox from Graham North:
Humax email said:
We recently commissioned the following report:

“TV Appeal: a snapshot into the UK’s TV viewing habits and ‘must have’ features”

The results are interesting, and in some instances surprising, please click here to download.

The link is to an address which I know nothing about - anybody know if it's safe?

Tim Day

Was just reading it. Interesting, but I'm absolutely amazed there is zero mention of ad-skipping functionality and behaviour. I mean take
Simple yet handy features such as being able to pause the action or rewind live TV for a replay, also rank highly on the nation’s wish list.
for example. I can assure you I value the ability to skip forward over a minute or two of ads at least as highly as I do pause and back. I suspect "an agenda" born of Humax's involvement in YouView but who knows.

(BTW that reminds me. Quite a while ago on the HDR-Fox T2 board, someone posted a comparison of the HDR vs a "YouView" box. It was a sort of side by side list of matching/missing features; I stopped reading when I got down to "no ad skipping" on the YouView. I haven't had much luck finding it again; anyone know where it was?)


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Youview has had ad-skipping for a long, long time so that list sounds well out of date and not to be trusted.

Ezra Pound

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I haven't had much luck finding it again; anyone know where it was?)
The comparison you refer to is HERE, the list was complied on 1st. Aug 2012 and has this note
Please Note that the list below was the state of the box on 1 Aug. 2012.
the thread contains requests for up-dates (See #61 and #62) from owners, but few were forthcoming

Tim Day

That must have been it. I remember not getting far down it before I found a "Can I skip adverts: No" and bailing out but I see now there's been some clarification of that situation (2nd post there) which was presumably rolled back into the original post.

Googling turns up quite a bit of year-plus-old comment on various forums bemoaning the lack of forward skip (other than via fast-fwd?) but now I see it may have just been pending some update to the immature software. Anyway, just goes to show how much of a deal breaker lack of ad skipping would be for me that I haven't paid any attention to YouView since that one misleading mention!


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Don't worry. There are still lots of potential deal breakers to stop Youview from being the one and only box you need under your TV. For example

- No built in wi-fi
- No USB connectivity
- No access to standard IP TV channels
- No recording of programmes from the backwards EPG