Humax file format


Does anyone know how the Humax uses the different files that it saves on the hard drive.

The thm file is the thumbnail and the TS file is the video. What about the nts and hmt files? If they are not stored in a backup, what is the impact on trying to play the video?

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This is all basic information and can be found if you look for it, hints here: Newbies' Guide to the Forum (click). Note also that you are in the wrong section of the forum if you are talking about HDR-FOX rather than HD-FOX, see

However, briefly,

.ts - the M2TS format media file, which is encrypted when recorded to disk (HDR-FOX or HD-FOX).
.hmt - the metadata for the .ts describing such things as whether the recording must be decrypted to play it back, media list title, etc etc. Critical unless the .ts has been decrypted, desirable after.
.nts - metadata providing hints for fast forward, skip etc.
.thm - thumbnail for the media list

Note that only the Humax makes use of the sidecar files, a decrypted .ts will play on the likes of VLC. Note also that the CF can reconstruct the sidecars if lost (but it's preferable not to lose them).

More info: Things Every... (click) section 5.
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