Humax hdd not recognised

I had the same problem in July during the hot weather. Just got round to solving the problem today. Tried replacing the drive and still had problem. I was a bit sceptical about heating the chip but decided to give it a go. After a few minutes the fan came on then a few minutes later the screen went blank and the box restarted and the HDD was recognised and recordings still there!
Maybe sorted out a dry joint? I once cooked an iPhone 4 to sort out the wireless! Let’s see how long it lasts
At temperatures you could get it to without frying it? Lead-free solder melts at around 220ºC and leaded solder at around 185ºC. Seems unlikely to me.

However, that said, unleaded solder is more prone to growing whiskers than leaded solder, so perhaps heating it gets rid of short circuits due to whisker growth.