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Humax hdd not recognised


New Member
Hi all, new to this site , After searching a lot of forums about humax 1000s not reading the HDD I tried most of the suggestions and none worked for me
So as a last resort before throwing the machine out I tried one more thing that no one suggested, that is disconnect the HDD leads from the motherboard
Then go to settings do an update, then factory reset, after that reconnect the HDD leads (the power lead last) then go to settings - storage, and hopefully
The HDD will be recognized. It worked for me. Hope this helps you.


New Member
Sorry this didn’t work
I will try anything else
Have tried nearly everything I think humax just want me to buy a new one ?
But when you look at the amount of boxes with the same fault
There has to be a major issue

Roger Phillis

New Member
As per hundreds of other people ,having established that the Hard drive was not faulty, by trying a new one, I loaded a software backup copy 3.00.96 from Humax website on a flash drive ( Fat 32) and loaded through the front USB socket ( power up wall socket and at same time press channel down arrow on front of box . Removing usb stick and pressing power button on machine, after software update loaded shows on window. This worked with hard drive/ recordings/ pause live working / showing again for 2 days !!!
This intermittent fault point 99% to a software error on box .
Its a great pity Humax are really the only company when considering a freesat box purchase...…..

Black Hole

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If a fault is demonstrably repeatable, and enough people complain, Humax will probably do something about it.


Super Moderator
Staff member
If a fault is demonstrably repeatable, and enough people complain, Humax will probably do something about it.
It is well known to be a hardware fault. Humax at one time offered a repair service on affected boxes and then a cheapish exchange for a refurbished box. I am not sure what the situation is currently.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Ah, OK, a hardware fault is much more of a problem to roll out a solution for than a firmware fault. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that a firmware patch can get around a hardware fault though.