Humax HDR-1000S HDMI/audio issue


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Hi all,
I've just replaced my old Humax HDR with the new 'Freetime' model and I'm experiencing a strange (and annoying) problem. I use a Harmony remote that turns on my Sony TV, Yamaha receiver and Humax which is all well and good (or was) but since swapping my old box for the new one sometimes at start up the TV/receiver isn't detecting the audio for the Humax and so the TV turns it's own speakers on rather than running the sound through the receiver due to a 'communication error'. I then have to go into the TV menu and tell it to use the audio system instead, which is both annoying and not very 'wife friendly' :mad:. This doesn't happen with the old box (previously or if I plug it back in now), so I'm wondering what difference there likely is between the two boxes that would cause this, and what I can do about it?:confused:
Any suggestions gratefully received. :)
I am seeing a lot of people reporting issues between Yamaha amps and Youview boxes. If the Humax Freetime shares the same bit of code then it could be related.
Thanks Gomezz, I take it that a solution hasn't been found as yet? Hopefully Humax will release an update that will sort things out. I'll take a look at the Youview forums to have a quick read.