Humax HDR-FOX T2 and JVC TV


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I have read the "NEW READERS START HERE" and "Index to Existing Informative Threads" and browsed the 30 or so pages of headings but cannot see that my problem has
been discussed. I am new to forums so please be gentle with me.

I have a HDR-FOX T2, fairly new, connected to a JVC 42DG8BU, about 4 years old, via an HDMI cable. If I stick to BBC1 or 2 everything seems to work fine. However, if I
view, say, ITV4 or other channels that carry adverts, when the program stops and the adverts start, I get a blue screen and have to revert to Digital TV and then choose HDMI 1
again to get the picture back. Then, when the adverts finish and the program re-starts, I get the blue screen again and have to go back to TV again and choose HDMI 1 again.

This procedure is required quite often, sometimes EVERY change from program to adverts and back and sometimes just when I simply change channels. Does anyone have any
suggestions to try, please?

I have downloaded and successfully installed 1.02.28 without any effect on the problem.
I have had the company I bought both the TV and the Humax from have a look at both and the only suggestion they had was that my TV was too old and I needed a new one!
The TV, on its own, works fine but without, of course, any HD programs and looks as good as new.
Sounds like your TV has problems with content change over hdmi most likely down to the ads having a different resolution. A RGB scart cable should work OK but of course you will only get HD in SD unless you switch to the hdmi input.

There may be a firmware fix available for the JVC.
You could try the various V-Format options on the remote, It's possible that 1080i will work better than 1080p or vice-versa at performing HDMI handshaking
I tried 1080i and 720p but the same happens. Does anyone have any other suggestions please?

I notice your TV does not support 1080p, but that doesn't explain why 1080i and 720P still gives you the same problem


BTW :- Do you know if your set was originally made for the french market? as I could only find the user's manual in French
English version here
I note there is no USB port, so any firmware update must be on a CAM that would be sent out by JVC.

I would give JVC uk a call on 0870 330 5000.
I was just thinking that some manufacturers have a Country code letter in the model name so that say the 'U' in 42DG8BU would be France and the 'J' in 42DG8BJ (in your link) would be the U.K. model
As far as I am aware, my set is for the UK market. My manual is in English. The set has 2 USB ports, one on the front and one at the back. I used the port on the front to successfully update the system to 1.02.28

Thank you Chris for the phone number. I have scanned and re-scanned their web page but could find no way of emailing them. I will try the phone.
I have managed to get in touch with JVC UK. Their number is changed to 0845 310 8000 for anyone interested. They have no firmware updates available and have not had this fault reported before.

I have made arrangements to take my Humax to a friend to try it connected to his TV and will report back. Thanks to all for your replies.
FWIW, I've given up using HDMI to connect our hummy (HDR Fox T2, 1.02.28) to our Toshiba Regza 26C3030... the hummy seemed to hang up fairly frequently (every few days). Switched to RGB SCART instead as an experiment and have had no hummy crashes in the months since. Of course it makes any "HD" completely pointless, and the OSD is noticeably less sharp, but at least it's stable.

Haven't looked into firmware upgrades for the TV though.
Hello Tim, thanks for that comment. The whole reason to get the HDR FOX T2 was to be able to access some programs in HD so I am reluctant to try the scart solution. I have got a friend to agree to me taking my system to his TV and trying it out there. His TV is a little older than mine but a different make. If my system works with his TV, then it means a new TV for me or a reversion to scart connection. We are not meeting until later next week so I will report back then.
Have you tried connecting to a different HDMI input (if you have one)? It doesn't hold much hope, but it has to be worth a try.
I tried HDMI2 but still the same problem. I connected via a scart lead and this fixes the blue screen problem bt, obviously, with no HD.

Does the fact that scart connection works and HDMI does not, give any clues to you experts as to what is wrong, please?