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I give up. SMB works fine to my laptop and to my phone, but will not work to my desktop. I can't get nfs working either. FTP works (using FileZilla and betaftp package) so I'll just use that. Annoying that a previously working setup now isn't working but that's life I guess.
This might be the solution (click through):
When this new package is installed it should help Windows 10 discover the Humax on the network


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I will have to wait to see whether the links correctly reconnect on restart.
Unfortunately they didn't reconnect on reboot of PC :(

With a bit of finagling (restarting Samba on Humax Disconnecting the failed drive mappings) I was able to establish new connections but not as smooth as it used to be

Edit: to correct the finagling that worked.
I can use SMB connection providing I don't check the 'Reconnect at sign-in' option.
I have the beta Samba 3.6.25-1 package installed.
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Just to let you all know, I have had issues with windows 10 and SMB v1 of the humax. Despite my adding support in add and remove features, it would not work. My solution was to turn off 'exploit' protection in any firewall or virus protection you have - in my case it was malwarebytes that was the culprit (you have to reboot after disabling it).

This may or may not work for you but it has worked for me.

Mac OS though is a different kettle of fish, despite many efforts it will not work with my High Sierra install.