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Adam White

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As good as this site is (and there is lots of useful stuff which a lot of people have put hard work into creating), it's not very good if it can't easily be found.

The default page just gives the server default page with no indication of any other content on the site.

Would it not be a good idea to create a proper home page pointing to the forum and Wiki?

Just my tuppence worth...

Black Hole

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most people automatically put www in without thinking

I'm interested how you define "most people". "Most people of those who still type a URL straight into the address bar rather than click a link or Google for it"?

My experience is that if one types a URL without the "www." (but it needs one), the browser realises it and adds it in. Don't ask me how. URLs quoted in the media rarely seem to include www these days.

However, I agree it would be good PR for it to work either with or without the www.


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Especially now the address bar doubles as a search box if the text entered is not a properly formed URL.

Adam White

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I don't wish to get into a holy war over whether people put in www or not, I just know it's in the psychie of most people I ever talk to that url's are normaly spoken as starting in www. Your mileage may differ.

My experience with Firefox here is erratic, it being so full of bugs, not really a surprise. During my tests last night, it sometimes went to the /forum, sometimes to the www. - no consistent behaviour.

Now, I may not be the only one having this problem, and Black hole, as you say, it should work whatever the operator puts in. At least it should always redirect to whatever the site owner prefers.... That's what one of my sites does anyway.

I only brought this up originally, as when I first started using some months ago, I knew the site existed but couldn't work out a way of getting into it, I seem to remember I had to find a link after a lot of googling on another site that linked to it. (as I had always been directed to the default server page)

Black Hole

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You raised my hackles by saying "most people". I don't think many of us know what most people do, only what ourselves (or a self-selected subgroup) do. Then again, perhaps I am guilty of the same thing: "most people don't know what most people do". Paradox?

Black Hole

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Somebody to to it before you did!

Arrgghhh!!! Bloody iPad again! You have no idea how many edits I have to make. Fixed.

In case anyone is wondering, typing on the iPad is a bit hit-and-miss, and then the spell corrector gets involved so you are not even left with an obviously mis-typed word. In the case above "got" missed off the initial g, and then the iPad said "what's 'ot'?" and changed it to "to". I could fire up the notebook, but frankly the iPad is too damned convenient (even with having to insert the BB codes manually!).

Turning off the spell corrector is a bad idea!


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Your brain gets so used to deciphering wrongly spelled words, that you eventually fail to notice some of them.:rolleyes: