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Info Button Help

Hi Folks,

I have just been informed that the man himself af12345 may well be able to help me with my annoyance of the info button on the remote. Presently I can't reach the info button while browsing the guide, I need to constantly move my hand up and down the remote and it's driving me nuts :frantic:

Ha-ha what a brilliant smiley, thats exactly how it makes me feel lol

Please af12345, is it possible that you could make the list button the info button instead? I would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful if you could help me out with this :)


Staff member
If you install the custom firmware and the latest version of the ir package, then that provides an option to swap the functions of LIST and INFO on the physical remote.

You'll have to make your own sticky labels though : )

If you're new to the custom firmware then take a look at Black Hole's quick start guide - http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/quick-start-guide.1301/
Thanks guys, Have just got OH to install the custom but can't find the option for changing the info and list button anywhere. Can someone help guide me to where it is please? Thanks a lot


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Once you have the custom software installed, you need to make sure you've also installed the ir package by using the package management screen in the web interface. Once that's done, go to the Settings page in the web interface and scroll down until you find Remote Control Settings and click on the button there which bring up a new screen. Scroll down that screen and near the bottom you will see a toggle switch for Swap INFO and LIST commands?. Change that to YES and restart your Humax (put it into standby, wait for the disk to click off, start it up again).
Just having a look at the other stuff now folks and i'm wondering what this thing in the remote package does. It says 'channel shortcut' then a list of channels is in the 'change' box and a yellow customise button can be pressed? Sorry to be a pain guys but I'm scared to just do things in case I make a mess and can't change it back. What do these buttons do?

Black Hole

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No danger. The drop-down list lets you change channel directly, and you can set up a set of short-cut buttons to your favourite channels.

Black Hole

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It would be possible, with a bit of delicate surgery, to open up the handset and switch the physical buttons. All the buttons are combined in a single rubber mat for ease of assembly, but there is no reason one could not separate the Info and List buttons and then reassemble with them switched round.

Info on disassembling the handset HERE (click).
Thanks guys but I'd be too scared to open it up. It's only me who uses it anyway and I automatically assume the list button is the info as that's the way 9150 remote is placed. Right now, I'm sitting here on my laptop changing channel on my TV with my mouse ........ :cool:
I knew I'd do something wrong. BBC1 has now disappeared from my EPG and I haven't a clue what I've done with it :oops:

Edit: Found it, but it;s went to the bottom of my favourites list and I had it at the top. Need to work out how to get it back to the top.

Second Edit, Can't find the flatten package, not sure if I've installed it automatically last night or if I need to do this seperately, help please?

Ezra Pound

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If you simply want to re-order TV channels, you can do that with your Favourites list as in THIS example. The renumber package is really only needed if you want to call BBC HD channel 77 for some reason. To add (or remove) a new package goto the Web-If >> Package Management >> Available screen
I done the channel renumbering myself !! Well, I mean I didn't write the program, af12 did that but I did find it on my PC , installed it and then put the numbers I wanted them to be and clicked save without once phoning my OH :cool:

Can't find flatten stuff yet though.
If you simply want to re-order TV channels, you can do that with a Favorites list as in THIS example. The renumber package is really only needed if you want co call BBC HD cannel 77 for some reason. To add (ore remove) a new package goto the Web-If >> Package Management screen
Thanks Ezra, see post above to see what a genius I am these days :p I now only need to press 1 rather than 101 to go to bbc1HD and 3 to go to STVHD etc .........so much easier :)