Interference when using steam iron


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I have Humax FoxSat HDR which I have had for about 2 months and realy like it.
However I do have one very strange issue.

I have a steam iron that has a switch to turn steam on or off.
When ever I turn the steam on the Humax just seems to freeze.

I suspect some form of Interference as the iron does draw a fair amount of power when the steam switch is pressed.

Once the steam is on the picture comes back and all is ok until I turn off the steam and repeat the process.

If it makes any difference I live in Holland.

Any suggestions?


Wierd one this one. Firstly it's unlikely the current drawn by the steam generator is the problem. Firstly the load is resistive so produces no waveform distortion, secondly the current draw will give a short duration drop in voltage. Switch mode power supplies are largely immune to the ac voltage supplied working across a wide range (typically 100-250V). A faulty switch in the appliance producing internal arcing is a possibility. If the switch on the iron allows it turn on the steam with the power off and use any switch on the socket to turn on the iron and steam. Not familiar with domestic installations in the Nederlands but does using different sockets for the iron make any difference ? Is your power supply off a rural overhead network or a a cable network in a urban area ?
hi i have just joined and, this is the first message i have read.this reply is a long shot ,but here goes,if the iron has a digital control maybe there is a leak of steam to the cicuit board ,that is doing this?