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Was that with the nfs-utils package.

It appears that MP4 video files copied from the Humax to a PC can be found and played, but audio files in MP4 whether derived by the Humax or created by get iplayer can be found but won't play with the message "cannot support this file format". So it's seeing them but won't play just the audio MP4 ones.

Should I still be doing a network file share.
Tell : Not sure, but I think maybe you missed this from #15 :-
The files will also play on the Humax without conversion, BUT before copying them to My_Music you will have to rename the title.m4a files to title.mp3
Ezra, I did miss that but I had a sneaky suspicion that I had tried all combinations. I have got them playing if I copy them across to the Humax as MP4 with the rename and you are saying the rename to MP3 works as well and placed in My Music. I'm trying not to copy them but play them across the network the reason for this is that I use my Laptop as a juke box of recorded radio programmes so when at a location one can play what's on it over the network that I'm on. The Humax as the media player at home and a Denon media player elsewhere. The latter plays MP4a but I get stuck in that extra processing loop of MP3 conversion for home.

Right well now it is working over the network if one just renames MP4a to MP3.... I'm sure I had been there before. What we want is to make all Get iPlayer output that is MP4a to have an extension Mp3.... getting late.
MP4 is just a container. Depends what the codec is inside it.

BBC iPlayer parlance it's AAC. This is why I thought it should play without conversion to MP3. Which it does. Just need to get get_iplayer to name it MP3 by default rather than MP4a and tags would be good. But that could be pushing it.

The advantage of get iplayer over the Humax iPlayer is you get the regions and programme watch lists.
Was that with the nfs-utils package.
You can use nfs-utils (NFS) or cifs (SMB) to access a network file share, but if the source is a Windows machine you would want SMB. If you use network-shares-automount they are both loaded as dependencies and the process of discovery is done for you. Of course you also need to configure the Windows machine to provide the share.

The result is that the mounted network storage appears to the standard Humax operations as if it were a USB drive, or (if you like) as a folder within My Video (but that has caveats, and also would be no good for accessing MP3 files). The Humax is less picky with files accessed this way than by DLNA, but still needs Media >> Media (yellow) >> Music selected, and you need a real USB plugged in to make virtual USBs show up (or virtual-disk2 installed).

The network-shares-automount topic is long, but contains all you need (including specific examples of shares from Windows). I think the content of [modsettings] has evolved a bit though.
BH. Thank you for that. Where I am at, at the minute is trying to find whether Get IPlayer has a command to make an MP4a file an MP3 extension by just rename so its automated and misses out the conversion process that it currently automatically does via the command I'm mention previously on the thread. So I'm available for help on that if I don't find the command. This also presumes that when I'm at the other location the Denon there is like the Humax and is not fussed by it be labeled MP3 but actually MP4a AAC. That can be checked.

Thanks to everybody so far.
Ezra is right - obviously, I checked last night, but he was saying copy over to the Humax and play. I found the media server did play it ok if it was on your laptop over the network back to the Humax. Basically get iPlayer has quite a few parameters, you can get it to save series into directories etc. Its all automated so you don't really want to do it by hand if there is a command. I think I may have found it. Yet to check, more to follow or not.
Yeah on rename. I was trying to do that with the command statement in the get iplayer interpreter box --command still work in progress, ext is one of the parameters whether there is a syntax that allows not sure yet. You would think that someone would have the same need.
It looks like my grand plan is scuppered the Denon won't play them after relabelling to mp3 with a file format error but is happy with the m4a extension. One step forward two back, bit more experimentation. I was hoping to make it all tidy and take out the mp3 translation. I tried to get, get iPlayer generate an mp4 video rather m4a audio using the output.mp4, lots of processing similar to making a mp3 but then it still generated an m4a file which won't play under network video on the Humax even after renaming. Denon does play mp4 - so I give up and will stick to my existing solution of generating the mp3 files.
Yes, that was the one I was using. The problem that I have is that I'm trying for the best of both worlds to be able to play the output on the Humax and a Denon 720ae. The latter happily plays the m4a files which is the default out of the get iplayer on the national radio stations. Humax will handle these if renamed to MP3, but then the Denon doesn't, you would have to rename them back. Then an alternative is to play them as MP4s on the Denon getting get iPlayer to write them out as M4v but then it didn't do that and it went on to a long processing loop to do it. So in the end stuck to my old command further up on the thread (post #16) which gets get iplayer to write out MP3 files which can be played on both devices with ease (that which BH would require for his car, unless it plays aac which it might - note for BH). If anyone manages to get get iPlayer to write out the radio as a video mp4 which is playable on the Humax over a network I would be interested. I didn't. I say video since the Denon is suppose to be able to play them.
The site referenced by HarveyB is long dead, though the info should still be valid for the most part. Current info for get_iplayer can be found at:

github dot com slash dinkypumpkin slash get_iplayer slash wiki

squarepenguin dot co dot uk (forums and beginner guides)

Sorry for the above - noobs can't post links.

As Tell said, if you only need a simple file rename to trick Humax into playing .m4a files, get_iplayer can do it for you with its --command option, which runs a custom command on files after download, remux and tagging. The incantation would be:


get_iplayer --type=radio --get "Bells on Sunday" --command='cp "<filename>" "<dir>/<fileprefix>.mp3"'

Windows is slightly more convoluted:

get_iplayer --type=radio --get "Bells on Sunday" --command="copy \""<filename>"\" \""<dir>\<fileprefix>.mp3"\""

Of course, you can change "cp" to "mv" or "copy" to "move" if you don't want to retain the original. Also, all local and regional radio programmes are already MP3, so the above only applies to national radio.
It sounds from your user name that you could be the author of some of the documentation ?. I'm reading on an Android but I think we can't see all of the code fragment which could be quite valuable.
I've no idea why you can't see the full commands in Android. Do the code boxes not scroll horizontally if you swipe on the text? If not, the important bit (--command option) is repeated below.

--command='cp "<filename>" "<dir>/<fileprefix>.mp3"'

--command="copy \""<filename>"\" \""<dir>\<fileprefix>.mp3"\""
One more thing: If you find you will use this rename to .mp3 hack often, I suggest you store it in a get_iplayer preset. Linux/Unix/OSX example:
get_iplayer --preset=humaxaac --prefs-add --command='mv "<filename>" "<dir>/<fileprefix>.mp3"'
Then you can use --preset to add it to your get_iplayer command line only for downloading national radio programmes. For example:
get_iplayer --preset=humaxaac --type=radio --get "Bells on Sunday"
It will save a bit of typing.