Is my 'new' refurbed HDR-FOX-T2 faulty?


I've tried to find anything related to the recurring problem we are having with the refurbished box purchased from Humax Direct but can't find a similar issue...
Bought this for the Mother-in-Law for use in the bedroom as it was closes to the Foxsat-HDR she has in the Lounge and gets on fine with. No sat feed(s) to the bedroom but good aerial reception from Tacolneston (and a sniff or so from the nearby Lowestoft relay and Sandy Heath on auto tune). It was delivered last Wednesday 24th.

A small number of times now the box has locked up, apparently in Standby (clock time displayed, as RF pass-through is enabled) and it ignores the remote and front panel buttons. A mains power switch-off and reboot will fix... for a time (minutes or many days). Typically it has missed a reserved recording, but it did this to me once when none was made. {M-i-L records Frasier and Two and a Half Men with the latter in the small hours, if relevant}. It is often found in the locked up state in the mornings.

Initially installed having tuned and checked operation at my home (within a mile of M-i-L), I've since tried a full factory reset and retune, deleting some duplicates found in the 800s. It has worked fine over the weekend but have the symptom this AM when M-i-L wanted to watch a recording in bed...

Connected to a Sharp LCD TV via hdmi (EXT5). TV has two hdmi inputs EXT 5 & 6).. I need to find out more on that (model specs), but the TV and Humax do not CEC switch to the external input which is annoying for the M-i-L.

Firmware is 1.03.11 as supplied and there's no ethernet connectivity.

All advice welcomed... or should I just ask Humax Direct for a replacement asap? Thanks in advance
Duplicate channels in the 800s should be removed as they can mess up Accurate Recording (the start and stop signals sent by the broadcaster), Also check for recordings that don't play (sometimes with a lightening bolt icon against them), these recordings can make the Humax lock-up and should be deleted. Don't expect CEC switching to work, it hasn't even been proved to work with a Humax TV connected (when they were available) and is very unlikely to work with any other make of TV. There is a newer version of firmware available 1.03.12 (See Link HERE)
@ EP, I've just bought a smart-ass Panny (connected via amp HDMI output) and am also dismayed that there is no auto switching when turning the T2 on.
Surprised too because the replaced Panny switched ok and reverted to DVB when turned off. ( Unable to give the model as I sold it at the weekend. )
So I did...
Got talked down to (as they do on customer helplines) and made to reformat disk before they'd accept it was faulty. After doing that within about 30 minutes or so I managed to repeat the fault and then made it stick on the initial splash screen and 'SYSTEM STARTUP'. So then had to calll them again. That's most of the afternoon wasted ;)
Have now filled in the Warranty return form (why send a DOC and ODT file out to general public customers???) and am now just waiting for a swapout date.

I'd love to know what the fault is... but will never find out I guess.

I know the Foxsat-HDR switches M-i-L's Panasonic TX-P50G10B to hdmi and back... suppose we just expected the HDR-Fox might do it... No big issue as I had trained her on the workround. So the old 9200T is back in place and filling in until the replacement arrives.
With regard to switching, my supported user is instructed to always watch TV (live or recorded) via the HDR-FOX - there is no need to complicate matters.
With regard to switching, my supported user is instructed to always watch TV (live or recorded) via the HDR-FOX - there is no need to complicate matters.

Sure, that's a good idea and the convenience of pause/record is useful as is the guide for recording and this is the setup we normally used with the replaced HD ready tv.
Now the new tv is full HD, it is convenient just to turn the tv on and use the T2 for recording and playback only, but it is mildly annoying for those who do not understand TV and AV, that they have to switch inputs when it was automatic previously.
My supported user is also supplied with a Harmony programmed to operate the TV / HDR-FOX combo as an integrated whole.
With regard to switching, my supported user is instructed to always watch TV (live or recorded) via the HDR-FOX - there is no need to complicate matters.
Yup... that's the system we had agreed on to use... Just when the ~~~~y thing hung she was unable to remember how to switch to the TVs own tuner and had to get out of bed to do a hard reset.

Hey Ho. Replacement unit has arrived via a DPD courier swapout today and I will be re-installing the new box shortly. (Keeping fingers crossed for no problems with this one.)