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Is the FOXSAT-HDR being sidelined?

Mike Cuffe

New Member
After a lengthy decision making process I finally dropped Sky and bought a FOXSAT-HDR box. I've owned the excellent PVR9200 for a few years, so the choice of manufacturer really wasn't difficult. But have I made the right choice, or should I have gone for the HD-FOX T2?

A quick look at the most recent firmware for the T2 seems to suggest the FOXSAT-HDR is lagging way behind, with the T2 getting features like 1080p, Internet Radio, YouTube, Humax TV Portal and the like it certainly seems that way.

Will any of these features be rolled out on the FOXSAT-HDR?


Well-Known Member
The difference between the two is rather more fundemental than that as one is a Freesat PVR and the other is a Freeview PVR so it is primarily a choice between the two platforms which each have their pros and cons. To cover all the bases have one of each.

I don't particular favour having internet connectivity built into a PVR as a hastily though out add on with crippled access to what is available. Which is why I also use a dedicated nettop computer to give me unfettered access to IPTV in all its forms.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Will any of these features be rolled out on the FOXSAT-HDR?
I don't think the current FOXSAT will get any more features than it currently has. I recollect that in the past Humax have indicated that the processor isn't quick enough for some of the desired features. At some point I would assume an updated FOXSAT will appear but I have no idea when.