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Is the PVR 9300 perfect ?

Discussion in 'PVR-9300 Freeview Recorder' started by Meister, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I see that there are no threads about the PVR-9300. Is that because it is simply perfect ;)

    I have a PVR-9300T and actually think it is rather good and the remote is far more responsive than the one for the FoxSat HDR.

  2. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    No, it is not perfect.:)
    They have a nicer display than the 9200, and a bigger hard disk.
    There seems to be an issue with them that causes a random default setting periodically which causes you to lose your scheduled timers.:rolleyes:
  3. And there was me thinking everything in the garden was rosy ;)
    I didnt know about that problem and mine has never done it ................. (sods law dictates that it will now happen :))

  4. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    This has been reported a number of times on Digital Spy Forums.
  5. That must be why i didnt know about it ..................... havnt been on DS for ages.

  6. Is the 9300T perfect? Guess why I'm digging around on this forum? Because my 9300T has begun to reset itself to default configuration every couple of nights. A 'feature' which I see is reported many, many times elsewhere. And there's no known solution. Should I have gone for a Topfield instead? Maybe they're perfect? What IS the nearest to a perfect PVR out there?
  7. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    A Topfield 5800 running the recommended software and MyStuff and with replaced PSU capacitors.
  8. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, a winning combination that will take some beating.:)
  9. Chris Green

    Chris Green Member

    As the owner of a 'few' of these things, what I'd really like is the substantial feel of the 9300T's remote, the features of the 3View box, but running MyStuff (wouldn't we all?). I'd also like it to be as reliable as .......oh, err, um..........
  10. MidasGold1380

    MidasGold1380 New Member

    Hi all, first post here.
    Having had three times in one year to repair corrupted directory entries, where my 9300 shows several occurrences of a programme with the exact same date and time whilst other programmes disappear completely… no, it's not perfect.
    The catching of programmes that start or finish late is great but I miss my Series 1 Tivo :(
  11. Graizer

    Graizer New Member

    Hi all - first post from a frustrated 9300T user :)

    As reliable as a Tivo, possibly?? Having had ananalogue Tivo for many years I thought that things must have moved forward when I got a 9300T - doh!

    Why does it "forget" to record programmes until I switch to the channel that I want recorded - and then it starts to record - sort of "Oops I forgot that one!"

    And only 20 programmes allowed in the recording List! Why?

    And the resetting is a nuisance as well. Recently it has not allowed instant rewind - or jumps back about 30 minutes!

    So in answer to the thread heading - nowhere near.

    Surely the heart of these machines is the software and secondly the controller?

    In my opinion the software is clunky to say the least and the controller is far too complex. It seems to have been designed without keeping in mind that the prime function is to watch recorded progs and jump through the ads? Again - look at the Tivo one. SImple but highly usable and effective.

    When anyone catches up with the Tivo then I will be happy. One day hopefully.

    I promise to try and not mention my old favourite again!
  12. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    This is usually a symptom that the box isn't properly tuned and is receiving different multiplexes from different transmitters; I suggest you try a manual tune to the correct channels for your preferred transmitter. The following instructions are courtesy of Big-les over on Digital Spy:

    The reason for doing a Manual Search is to target the six (five after DSO) multiplexes coming only from your preferred transmitter. The UHF channel numbers for your six/five multiplexes (digital channels) from your preferred transmitter can be obtained from the digitaluk web-site, enter your post code and also tick the "I am in the aerial installation trade" box. Your UHF channel numbers are in the grey columns in the Coverage prediction section. The compass bearing for the available transmitters at your address are also shown on the page so you can check to see which transmitter your aerial is actually pointing at. You should only use the transmitter that your aerial is pointing at.

    First you need to delete all existing channels.
    Menu > Edit Channels > Edit Channel Lists > Password (0000) and delete all channels, note there is a Select All button. If you were on a TV channel before going into the menu then TV channels will be listed first, delete them all. Go to Group, select Radio and delete all the radio channels. Press Exit on the remote control and when invited save all the changes.

    You will now get a message saying No channels are available……, press OK. You should now be taken to the Installation menu, choose Manual Search. Select the first UHF channel number obtained from the digitaluk web-site for Channel (actually the order doesn’t matter) and press Search. When the search completes, Save. Select the next UHF channel number for Channel and press Search.....Save. Repeat this for all six/five UHF channel numbers and to finish press the Exit button. You will now find all your Freeview channels on their correct channel numbers, good luck.
  13. Graizer

    Graizer New Member

    Thanks Martin - I will give it a go
  14. Graizer

    Graizer New Member

    Well - a couple of weeks on and everything is working well. Thanks Martin.

    No programmes missed. Such a simple solution that Humax didn't suggest. They wanted me to reformat the hard drive etc. etc.