JP1: A Programming Interface for Configuring Remote Control Handsets

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There are several mentions of it, but no specific topic discussing JP1 so I've decided to start one.

I'm not an expert myself, I have started to investigate but that particular project got shelved. However, so far as I have gleaned (and can remember – feel free to correct anything):
  • JP1 provides a serial communications port which can be used to configure the exact function of remote control handsets, much like (say) an Arduino can have code downloaded into its store for execution.

  • JP1 is not so much an agreed standard as an adopted protocol: I guess a manufacturer of RC chips thought it would be a good idea to let their customers (makers of products which use an RC handset) customise the RC functions instead of them having to order chips specific to requirements, and implemented what has now become known as "JP1". It is possible JP1 is proprietary to just one chip maker.

  • I guess it is known as JP1 in the community simply because the communications connection was marked on the PCB as "JP1" (short for "jumper 1", as opposed to "resistor 3" or "capacitor 12"). Nerds being nerds, somebody decided to investigate what this jumper connection did, and thus the JP1 community was born.

  • There seems to be an early-standard and a late-standard for JP1. The physical connection could be just three pins (or holes for pins) on the handset PCB, or a 2x3 grid of pins (of which connection is required to just 4). Some handsets make the connection available in the battery compartment, but others have to be dismantled to get to it.

  • Control software and other information is available from the relevant community:
The point is that (within the limitations of the chip itself) it should be possible to program any RC code you like to any button, including macros and shifts (a "shift" being a mode change to access another page of commands, or a different device).

It has been reported that the Humax RM-F04 handset (as supplied with the HDR-FOX and HD-FOX) is JP1 compatible, presumably through the three pads on the PCB shown here on this photo from the wiki article on dismantling the handset (credit Ezra Pound):


Update: see post 3.

Control codes for the HDR-FOX/HD-FOX are listed here:

The One For All URC 1280 includes the JP1 port as pins in the battery compartment:


...and here's the programming adapter I cobbled together using a USB-Serial port converter and four pin-to-socket patch leads:


I've not got so far as to use it yet, although I have confirmed it works with the URC 1280 to establish communications. The USB to 5V serial interface electronics is built into the USB plug, and when connected to a Windows PC it shows up as a conventional serial port (COM). You then set the relevant COM port in the RemoteMaster software (downloadable from the JP1 forum).

There's a little discussion re using a URC1280 with two HDR-FOXes here:

Here's another JP1 port, this time inside a handset for a TEAC DAB radio HiFi separate (I had it apart to remove corrosion from the battery contact – it was high-resistance, so although the volts read okay on the PCB they disappeared when a button got pressed... tricky!):

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The One For All URC 1280 includes the JP1 port as pins in the battery compartment:
I have that remote and used the JP1 software to assign the HDR remote mode codes 1-5 onto it - so that in theory it can control up to 5 HDRs in the same room providing they each use a unique code.
Yes, that's correct. All 6 HDR mode codes are in 1 file below

There's a little discussion re using a URC1280 with two HDR-FOXes here:
As I mention in that post #13
the file you need is
As you can see the download count for that file is only 4 times and its been there for nearly 2 years, so I don't think many HDR people are interested in JP1 as a possible solution to consolidate their remotes.

So after assigning all the keys I wish I can do:
  • tap TV to control the TV functions
  • tap VCR to control the VCR functions
  • tap DVD to control the DVD functions
  • tap SAT to control HDR1 functions - mode1 for Humax HDR1
  • tap AMP to control HDR2 function - mode2 to for Humax HDR2
  • tap Hi-F1 to control HDR3 function - mode3 to for Humax HDR3
  • tap MP3 to control HDR4 function - mode4 for Humax HDR4
  • tap DVB-T to control HDR5 function - mode5 to for Humax HDR5

The main problem is the lack of buttons so I've assigned
  • shift CUE to FAST FORWARD
  • shift REVIEW to REWIND
  • shift PLAY to jump to bookmark
  • shift PAUSE to erase bookmark
  • bottom left key for OPT+
  • bottom right key for SUB
  • shift bottom right key for V-FORMAT
Does anyone else on this forum use the JP1 software for their One For All remote?
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