Latest Software update (January 2013)


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I read in an online newsletter today that there's an OTA update happening this month which will bring a proper search function to the device. Has anyone updated yet and is it any good?

I'm very interested in getting a YouView machine but not until it's on a par with the Fox T2 in terms of functionality. It sounds like it's finally getting there.
This box does not use OTA updates. It updates over its internet connection. Rollout started yesterday. EPG search has been added.
Has anyone installed the new software yet? Is the EPG any better? I've been looking at the reviews on Amazon and they're very polarised; most either 5* or 1*!
I've read that the search uses "SMS" style entry rather than the on-screen keyboard of the FOX-T2, which sounds like a retrograde step- or is that just someone who can't find a setting?
I've also heard that it's not as good as the T2 for recording correctly, chopping the end off some programmes and not offering a "pad" option.