Loop Playback

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Anybody know how to make an MP4 that loops playback, or make VLC (PC) loop the playback of an MP4? Failing that I suppose I could create a .bat file to repeatedly play the MP4.

(No, obviously I don't mean concatenating a whole load of copies of the MP4 together in a big MP4)
For Windows Version 2.0.0 of VLC the option is at :-
Tools >> Preferences >> Show Settings = All >> Playlist >> Repeat Current Item
Thanks for those, I'm not looking at the PC at the moment so I don't know which version of VLC I'm using (it will be out of date!) but I didn't spot a toolbar icon.

The menu system on a DVD can be used to create looped playback (in fact the menu system can be used to control all sorts about playback - making sections play repeatedly like a verse and chorus - but I have never found non-pro software which accesses the full capability), does no file format offer similar?
The only non-DVD format that I have seen a repeat loop option in, is for animated GIF files, but even if there is a repeat option for an MP4 file, the player would still need to read the flag, so it would be down to the player to handle it