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Loss of Station Choices when upgrading station list


New Member
Is there any app or technique to prevent all my program list reverting to the full list when there is a rescan of the stations?

I am hoping that I can save my list of stations appearing in the Humax guide so that I can restore the list after new stations are included. When that happens the stations removed from the guide reappear. I was unable to see an humax app that would do this automatically.


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Install the Custom Firmware (which runs along side the official software)

Then install the tunefix package via the Custom Firmwares web interface and on the settings menu for that package choose all the channels that you don't want to reappear.

Once after a retune those channels will be automatically deleted after the first reboot of the HDR-FOX T2, and providing you don't add any thing into your wiped schedule your schedule will also be automatically setup again from an automatic backup.


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What you need is our Custom Firmware
If you check the post history you will see that, despite posting in the wrong section, he already has the CF.
So, installing tunefix-update would seem to be a sensible thing to do to avoid having to do a "rescan of the stations" in the first place.

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I don't need to check post history - the post is in the context of vanilla HDR-FOX and is answered accordingly.