'Manual' HDMI switch ?

Probably the Thor HDC75 mentioned in the signature of gomezz.

Oh yes. Shoulda read the small print. :)

Holy cow! On a quick look it's about 50% of the price of the HDR :eek:
Need to think of a plan C I think.
I bought a generic auto-sensing HDMI switch (3 inputs, 1 output with a manual switching button) through Amazon for about £2.50. Most of them seem to be like this, manual switch plus autosensing. It took about two weeks to arrive as it was shipped from China, but it works quite well (good stable picture and sound, at any rate) with my Samsung 2012 LED TV and HDR-FOX. It is used to switch between the HDR-FOX and a Now TV box. My only gripe is that if you are watching the Now TV box when the fox comes half awake to do a timer recording it switches over to the fox input and displays a black screen with a 'no signal' message from the TV. The fox must output some sort of signal when half awake or when switching to half awake. I have just ordered a similar model (ca. £8) with a remote control so I don't have to get up and fiddle behind the TV to switch it back. The original box does not work with my Sony bluray though: the picture does not stop flickering. It seems that it impossible to be sure a particular TV/ PVR/ other unit/ HDMI switch combo will work without trying it out.
I wonder if with these cheap switches, it is possible to disable auto-switching by cutting a particular contact, for example?
I had a philex box and sent it back. Some switches did not work. So if anyone finds a manual switch that works and will deliver me from the auto switch hell please let us know
Holy cow! On a quick look it's about 50% of the price of the HDR
A much cheaper option for me than replacing my old AV amp by spending several thousand to get something of comparable quality just to add HDMI switching capability.
replacing my old AV amp by spending several thousand to get something of comparable quality

Wow, your old amp must have cost millions new! Generally, with electronics, you get something new and better for far less!
I should have explained that it would also have been to replace my hi-fi amp so would need to have top notch audiophile music handling, something lower / mid-price AV amps have not majored in.
Finally got an electronic switch (3 in > 1 out) with a remote that doesn't auto switch when a second box turns on.
It does auto select to the first box on, but if the second comes on and we want to view it we have to use the remote or switch buttons to change, which is just the job.
The only negative at present is that the arc which the IR receiver works over is tiny - it looks like the detector is a few mm behind a narrow slot in the case, so I'll maybe open the hole up a bit to see if that helps. It's not a big problem as it won't need remoting most of the time.
It was this one:
but the description has changed slightly since I bought it. It had a note to the effect that "the description/literature says it auto switches but it does not" but that note doesn't seem to be there now. Mine does not do the smaller number selecting described either. It's actually perfect for our needs :)
If you want to be sure about the operation I'd ask the seller to confirm before buying.

The issue I had with the narrow remote field was simply that the receiver detector had been soldered to the PCB a little off vertical, so it leaned slightly to one side of the slot in the case, which has a recess to let the receiver sit close to the outer face. When the case was assembled this misalignment meant the case pushed the receiver back on it's legs, so it was well inside the case as well as offset. I opened the box up (just four screws, nothing covering them), assessed the situation and decided to do a bit of cutting and filing of the case rather than risk resoldering the receiver. This also widened the slot a bit. I then bent the receiver forward again so it's face is flush with the outside of the case. The angle of operation is now at least 90° which is fine for us.

Edit: Oh, yes. The indicator LEDs are pretty bright, so while I had it apart I 'painted' them with an indelible pen to take the shine off a bit. Perfick!
If it looks exactly as yours, I would say the chance is small that it is different than yours even if the description is slightly different, I'll ask anyway, thanks

Yes, my box and remote look exactly like those photos. One thing the pics don't show is the IR receiver which is in the side just about level with the "Select II" LED and button.

The reason I suggested checking is that instructions with mine mention auto-switching though it doesn't (as they used to say in the ad), so it's possible that they had a 'bad' batch, which have all been sold and what's on sale now is 'good' stuff, which isn't what we want - if that makes any sense :confused:
I've received it now. T2 on input 1 and hdr foxsat on input 2. had the mostly used t2 on /turned on foxsat the switch stayed on input 1 as wanted. switched via remote input 2 and it was fine. However, switched back to input 1 fine and then back to input 2 and this time only picture no audio. I thought it's the switch. put foxsat on input 3 still no audio/ put foxsat on input 1 audio fine.
Then had the same as beginning config/ switched off foxsat switched on/ audio fine on input 2. It seems that foxsat handshake is dodgy on 2 and 3. Can you confirm yours behaves the same?
Mine are both T2s, so may not behave the same as your combo. I've never noticed audio loss, but I tend to have the TV muted when I'm doing that sort of messing about anyway.
I'll try and replicate your 'test' sometime tomorrow and report back.
Switched multiple times between my two T2s, though only using inputs 1 & 2 on the switcher, and picture and sound worked every time.
Sounds like the Foxsat has a slightly different HDMI output.

Actually, as I type this it occurs to me that maybe if the T2s or Foxsats are set with different formats/resolutions it might provoke this. Not tried it obviously.

By the by, noticed today that the little remote has a plastic film on it. It's much glossier with it removed :)