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Media Server indexing time


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How long should it take for the media server to catch up with changes? Sometimes when I crop or decrypt a file, I'm still waiting for the media server to catch up half an hour later. Is this normal - it's annoying when I want to both crop and decrypt a file. Is there any way to force a re-index?


Staff member
Reboot or stop/start the media server seems to be the only reliable way. It's possible that touching the .hmt file may do it depending on what the Humax software is monitoring.


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Doing something to update the modification time of the file, say locking or unlocking the recording.

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Background Information: "touching" a file means updating its "last modified" record in the file properties, and this is typically required when compiling code to make sure the compiler pulls in a particular file (by giving the impression it has been changed since last time). In the Unix/Linux environment there is a specific command "touch" to do this.