I installed mediatomb, which folder do I put the videos on my win 7 pc so I can access them through the humax?

now it says media tomb pc directory empty..



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MediaTomb lists recordings in the virtual folder that have been decrypted that is why it's empty.

Others will be along to point you in the right direction regarding the rest of your query.
Were you trying to load Boot HDR onto your box? e.g. "Hi, I am trying to install BootHDR in the package menu", as far as I'm aware that package is only for the HD T2 as it simulates an HDR T2
I didn install BootHDR, anyway maybe I totally misunderstand what mediatomb is for, I thought I could stream videos from my pc to the humax box?

Ezra Pound

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You need a program running on the P.C. that provides a DNLA server, there is a basic one built into Windows Media Player, goto Library >> Media Sharing >> Allow Sharing, then items visible to the library can be streamed to the Humax HDR