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Mendip Off-Air

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
FWIW, Mendip went off the air about 0020 today and came back a while later. I suspected my aerial amp to start with, but then found I could still receive Mynydd Machen.


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I know what you mean. In the past there have been transmission breaks on Waltham and the transmitter checker reports nothing is wrong, nothing has happened and nothing is going to happen.


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I've got nothing on any mux. from Mendip currently. Anybody else got reception?
I'm starting to think it's my problem rather than theirs... :(


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Measured the aerial amp. PSU and OK (although varying more than I would expect between about 11.1 and 11.9V). That's off load though and difficult to find the bits at this point to do an on-load measurement.
So, just went outside and had the Mk.I eyeball on the installation...


This doesn't look good. The amp. is hanging by the cables as 'something' has given way, although having had the binoculars on it, it all looks reasonably intact. Doesn't flippin' work though.


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Will see what the local cowboys say in the morning. I'm supposed to be out of here tomorrow as well. Otherwise it'll be well into next week before it gets sorted. I knew Major Inconvenience when he was a Private.