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Dear all,

I'd like some advice please.

I've noticed that the web site gets quite a few hits whereas my personal web site has hardly anyone visit it.

I was thinking that if I could make my site a sub-site of I could increase my hit rate and possibly sell advertising as an income generator to fund future purchases.

Do you think Microsoft would be willing to sell the site to me? What do you think would be a sensible offer?

I'm not sure what the going rate for domain names is but I was thinking £20 might cover it.

If my plan works I think I could end up owning the entire Internet within a few years.

I'm surprised nobody has thought of this before and think I could be on to a money spinning idea.

If it works I thought I might extend to and maybe In fact I think there are a fair few web sites I'd be interested in.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have

(age 52)

P.S. is it also possible to purchase addresses in real life? I fancy renaming my house "Buckingham Palace" if the current occupant would sell me the name.

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I think you can just call your house 'Buckingham Palace' if you want to, anyway. It just won't have the same postcode!

I'm putting a bid in for the animal kingdom.


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I'm also thinking of setting up one of those streaming video web sites.

I fancied a nature programme like bill office used to do (do you remember The Goodies - but I digress).

Not got much equipment but I thought if I stuck a bird box in my garden I could put one of those Foscam cameras that links to the Hummy in it and broadcast via that.

I would call my site bird box cam, or for short.
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I think you can just call your house 'Buckingham Palace' if you want to, anyway
A right pain when trying to Google for information about the Buckingham town area I can tell you! You always need to include a -palace term in the search.

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When I become God I will open source the universe to make it more intelligible. Maybe then this thread will make sense. Who is bill office? And wasn't the Duke of Buckingham one of James I lovers?
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I thought tapatalk/iOS was quite clever linking my two posts Mr Oddie and Microsoft to create Bill Office

These iThings never cease to amaze me.