Missed the F1 this morning.......


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Hummy has struck again, series link was there, but the Hummy decided to ignore it.

Would be nice if it recorded what it says it is going to!!

When are we going to get this bug fixed? NEVER would be my verdict!!!
When this week's F1 coverage was first put into the EPG info the series link info was missing. Your existing F1 series link would not have picked it up. This was a broadcaster problem not a Foxsat problem.

Do what I do which is at least a weekly check on the Schedule and EPG to make sure all expected programmes are correctly flagged to be recorded. In this case, I put in both quali and race as one-off timers but then yesterday noted that Series Linking had been corrected and deleted the one-timers and set up a new Series Link which you should see also picks up the Chinese coverage next weekend as well.