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My eyes are blind, I cannot see... that TINY blue font

Especially spindly pale blue letters against a white background.

screen font.jpg

Is there a way to change font colour / weight either on the T2 or on the WebIf?

Looked through these fora (grammar!) but saw nothing on this topic.


Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
There was some talk of alternative colours / fonts on the Web-If, but this is not available at present, however, the screen on a P.C. can always be magnified, either by playing around with the default windows font size / DPI settings or with an add-on package like http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/


There was some talk of alternative colours / fonts on the Web-If, but this is not available at present, however, the screen on a P.C. can always be magnified
Oh. But this is the Hummy's font, displayed on the TV screen. Or have I misunderstood you?

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
No, Sorry, you are correct, I think it was a way of changing fonts / colours that the T2 displays on the TV, but that was one of your options and isn't currently available. That leaves you with the P.C. displaying the Web-If pages, so you would have to go for the magnifying options
Yeah it's very useful. Especially if you run silly Resolutions (I'm on 1600 x 1200). Works in most OS too; Windows / Ubuntu / Mac - I think? - I should know in a few weeks for sure:D
Also - if you have a mouse scroll wheel, just hold CTRL down and scroll the wheel slowly. It should zoom in / out, may depend on you driver settings though.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
I was surprised to see that in Firefox you can have multiple Tabs open and set the zoom level individually on each Tab. However I can't make it work outside a browser e.g. to magnify a WinAmp consol which is the reason I got the magnifier program to see the WinAmp window on my TV 10 feet away
I've been a FF user for years, before that IE briefly, then Netscape prior to that! In fact I think it was called Mosaic back in 1993?

I've now switched to Chrome, mostly cause Google bookmarks got dropped from Firefox. If you have a smart phone, or multiple PC's, Chrome is fantastic - you can keep Bookmarks, saved Passwords, and recent tabs all synced, across all platforms automatically. Plus the Google app store has some really great plugins. When Chrome came out I really hated it, but now they have polished it to near perfection! :cool:


Forum Supporter
Don't know about the date, but it was definitely pre '95 as I was using on Win3.11 with a non- microsoft IPstack.
Netscape was the offshoot to sell the browser (which was still available free to personal users up to a varsion of which I misremember the number)