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New Hummy not showing up on Network


I've just got my new box set up to replace an ailing older one.

I've got the custom firmware up an running and the web portal and RS service are working, but my PC can't see it on my network.

I can see it's MAC address on the routers network map.

It's connected via a 5 port Ethernet switch, exactly the same way the old one was. The old one still shows on the network, but I've switched it off completely to avoid confusion.

Router is Technicolor TG582n.

Content Share and FTP Server are switched on.

Anything else I need to check?

Black Hole

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If your PC can't see it, how did you manage to set it up? I assume you mean you can't see the content, so check you've installed samba.

If it's not that, reboot the router.


See: Not showing in Network in Explorer

Shows in Network: I can see the MAC address in the router web interface.

Anyway, installed Samba and it instantly appeared in windows explorer. Thanks!

I don't remember having to do that with my first box, I thought this machine supported networking without the need to use the custom firmware?


Define "supported networking".
From Humax's website (which I read before starting this thread):

"The HDR-FOX T2 offers exciting multimedia and home networking capabilities when connected to the internet via the Ethernet, making it the hub of any home. Play media content including photos, videos and MP3s directly onto your TV using a memory device in the USB port, or connect it to PCs or laptops around the home through your home router, using the Ethernet port. Your friends and family will be able to see your holiday moments on the big screen without having to crowd around your digital camera. Share your recorded programmes from the HDR-FOX T2 with other compatible devices around the home via your home network. If you don’t like wires or your router is in another room you can connect your HDR-FOX T2 wirelessly with the optional USB Wi-Fi dongle (WLAN Stick). "

Though I'm probably not understanding it correctly! I have very little knowledge of DLNA, Samba etc.


I have the same issue. I'm sure it used to show up on Windows 7 explorer. All the other media servers and PC's do, but not the T2. I can access it via the Web Interface.

I'll try installing Samba and see if that sorts it.