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I have a couple of HDR T2s mounting an NFS drive on my PC.
After a bit of messing about, I am able to copy files from the Foxes to the NFS drive, which was part of the intention.
The odd thing is that I can see the files on the NFS drive from the TV interface, but when using the web interface or the command line on the Foxes, I cannot list the contents of the drive.

Any thoughts ?

CF 3.0 on one of the Foxes, 3.10 on the other.
You've not described your configuration clearly. It sounds like you have a drive or partition hosted by the PC which is made available for network sharing, and you are mounting that from each HDR-FOX.

What OS is your PC running? Linux I assume, but if it's Windows, what does NFS have to do with it? What mechanism are you using to mount it on the HDR-FOXes - network-shares-automount?

As a side issue, why are all your CFs so out of date, and why is one so much more out of date than the others?
OS is Ubuntu 16.04.

network-shares-automount is installed.

I also have a NAS which uses NFS and I can list files on that through the humax web interface.

Ah! I've just had a thought.....

UPDATE: No. Still have the problem. Any suggestions?
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The server is running NFS version 4, and the humax nfs package description claims nfs 2 or 3. Adding "-o nfsvers=2" to the mount command in /mod/sbin/scanmounts solves the problem (nfsvers=3 didn't).

Still a bit mind-boggled as to how the TV interface allowed the remote folders to be listed.
I agree. We knew of incompatibilities between SMB versions, but I don't think NFS incompatibilities have come up before.
It can probably be fixed by configuration on the server. I'll look into it.

Tried mounting the server drive on another linux system using the nfsvers option and 2 and 3 both work correctly.
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