No default authority data available for this channel


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Your default authority database need updating which has to be done manually. Use the "Update package list from Internet" button at the top of the "Package Management" page to update it, then restart your box. Should be OK after that.
Same problem but only for one channel - ITVBe.

The wife has a penchant for some stuff on this channel, but when trying to set recordings using webif get the same message as described by Pugwash.

Tried (a few times!) your solution Raydon, but still the problem persists.

Setting the recording on the Foxsat HDR itself is fine.


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I always thought a 'Digidol' was some sort of electronic sex toy. :D
Anyway I've now added channel 120 for you. Also added the UKTV channels, 162 Drama, 163 Yesterday, and 164 Really, which are recent additions to the Freesat line-up.
Thanks chief. The "Digidol" (digital in Welsh) part is a hangover from when S4C on analogue terrestrial also carried Channel 4 English programming, therefore S4C Digital and S4C Analogue had different schedules

Thanks also for adding the UKTV channels, there's some good stuff on there occasionally.