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No Disk


A couple of time in the last few days, I've pressed the "media" button on the remote, and nothing happens. Its as if there is no disk attached.

A reboot usually fixes it, but not always at the 1st attempt. Even a power off by the switch at the back didn't help. A few reboots later and normal service was resumed.

General diags shows nothing. I've run disk diags, but the output doesn't mean much to me.

I've attached screen shots of the output.

Any suggests appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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Some things look a bit iffy. I'd probably replace it if it's unreliable, and hope it is the disk and not the motherboard.


Your problems sound a bit like the ones I had a few years ago, here.
In short, it could be power supply, hard drive or motherboard - you'll need to use a process of elimination. And the disk is the easiest to try first.
When I connect via telnet, I get the message:

[ Humax HDR-Fox T2 (humax) 1.02.32/3.00 ]

Note: Some areas of the hard disk are not mounted.
Not all functions will be available.
(normal if you have just run a disk check)

If I then go into maintenance mode and try to run fixdisk, I get:

Please select option: fixdisk
Any additional options (or press return for none):
Are you sure you wish to run the hard disk checker? [Y/N] y
Running /bin/fix-disk
Custom firmware version 3.00

Unable to find the internal hard disk
fix-disk: session terminated with exit status 1

Press return to continue:

A list of the filesystems gives:

humax# df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 17536 17536 0 100% /
tmpfs 62508 44 62464 0% /tmp
tmpfs 62508 0 62508 0% /media
/dev/mtdblock1 2048 524 1524 26% /var/lib/humaxtv
/dev/mtdblock2 2048 564 1484 28% /var/lib/humaxtv_backup
/dev/mtdblock2 2048 564 1484 28% /usr/browser/config-ocontroller-si-rootfs.txt
/dev/sda1 913884 4 913880 0% /media/drive1

I have a USB attached so assume this is /dev/sda1