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No Signal


New Member

I have a problem with my Humax Foxsat HDR and I wonder if anybody here could help please.

The box is about 8 years old and was connected to an old Sky dish that belonged to the previous occupants of the house. The box worked fine and without problem until a few weeks ago when I noticed that a message saying ‘No or bad signal’ appeared momentarily when changing channel. I didn’t investigate at this time as the box appeared to be working properly. A week or so ago I noticed that when recording one channel I could only watch that channel and a day or so later a message saying ‘LNB short’ appeared momentarily when changing channel in place of the ‘No or bad signal one’. This did cause me to investigate, later than I should have, and I found that only one tuner was working – tuner 2.

I tidied the ends of the cables up thinking that this may be the cause of the ‘LNB short’ message and, having read that this might solve the problem online, did a reset but this resulted in me losing all of the channels as the box couldn’t find any when rescanning for them. I also noticed that one cable – the one for tuner 1 – was slightly damp when I was tidying the end up of it up.

I have had the cables and the LNB replaced this week but the box still won’t pick any channels up when scanning for them. The guy who replaced them thought that water may have got into the box from the cables and damaged it.

Sorry for the length of all of that but I have two questions:

1. From the above, does it sound like the box is irreparably damaged, I appreciate that without seeing it this may be difficult to answer, or could it work even on one tuner only. If so how can I get a signal?

2. If it is damaged to the extent that it won’t receive a signal, could it be used just to watch the stuff recorded on it? At the moment when the box is turned on it is stuck in the start up wizard mode, tries to find a signal, can’t and when I press OK it goes back to the find a signal process. Is there any way to get out of this cycle, I did manage it once when I first did the reset a week ago and I managed to get access to the media menu, but don’t seem to be able to do it anymore.

I’m pretty much resigned to getting a new box but if anyone has any thoughts or advice it would be gratefully received.



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Getting a new satellite dish may work better. Or at least getting the existing dish cleaned up and realigned with total rewiring of the cable in either case.


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Getting a new satellite dish may work better. Or at least getting the existing dish cleaned up and realigned with total rewiring of the cable in either case.
Very strange response based on no evidence there's anything wrong with the dish surface or alignment.


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I believe that the Foxsat relies on picking up the Freesat home transponder on tuner 1 before it can do anything else Freesat wise.
If it can't see that, you are buggered for Freesat, but it should still work (sort of) in non-Freesat mode on tuner 2.
If water has got into the tuner, it is likely that it is FUBAR and you will probably have to start looking for a new box, or a used Foxsat on eBay.

Is there any corrosion on the F connectors on the back of the box. That might give you a clue as to water ingress. The old air spaced coax is pretty renowned for being a pretty good hosepipe, and its all downhill from the dish (usually).