Non freesat guide not populating


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I am new to this forum and need some help. I have my Foxsat HDR recorder with a single dish pointed at Asta 19.2 and use it in non freesat mode. The guide populates only to the smallest degree - it will fill in some channels for the next hour or two but then no further. What do I need to do to get the guide to load properly? Would the custom firmware help? I have not yet installed a Diseq'd setup but plan to at some point as now am getting by with Freeview. All help appreciated.
I use my HDR with DISECQ switches and LNBs for 28.2 and 19.2.

I don't think that I have ever seen any guide information (or now and next info) for any channel on 19.2. I think that this is just the way the software is designed.

I have also noticed that without a 28.2 feed, the real-time clock on the HDR is not set correctly, making timed recordings a bit tricky.
At best Now and Next info is all you will get for non-Freesat mode. You could install Raydon's modded firmware and use the associated Channel Editor to flag the non-Freesat channels you are interested in as "Freesat". This means you can use the PVR in standard Freesat mode and get full EPG info for the pukka Freesat channels and Now and Next infor for the pretend "Freesat" channels.
That is a nice suggestion, but it doesn't work. The HDR does not (in my experience) display any now and next data for non- 28.2 channels in non-freesat mode or pseudo-freesat mode.
Mine does show now and next information on a haphazard basis. Often it will show nothing until I select a channel and the it will suddenly populate that channel and those around it with now and next information. What puzzles me is the fact that it can clearly receive this information but often chooses not to. Is there anyway to force it to refresh/ show this information?