Odd tuner fault on 'RE' type HDR-FOX


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I have a strange fault on a revised-hardware HDR-FOX. It is running 1.03.12 firmware (3.00 CFW). If it crashes and reboots, or if I reboot using Telnet or Web-If (I don't think it is a CFW related problem) the tuner does not work: no picture or sound plus 0% strength and quality on all channels. If I then power down using the remote or front panel button and turn it back on after the disk has spun down it is fine. The problem is 100% reproducible. If you switch on from standby it is fine and scheduled recordings in standby are fine. I have done a factory reset (without disk format) and have run the CFW fixdisk procedure. No change. Out of interest, I installed 1.02.32 firmware. This, as expected, completely disabled the tuner. Reinstalling 1.03.12 made the tuner work again but the issue persists. Any ideas?
Maybe this is consistent across RE boxes? Anybody confirm/disprove?
My other RE box is fine but that one has had a replacement front panel with the older version of Micom firmware. I will swap the front panel over on the faulty box at some point and see if it makes a difference.