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Odds and Ends



A question that has baffled philosophers, scientists and other learned people over the ages is:

If you have 24 odds and ends on a table then 23 fall off what do you have left .............. an odd or an end ??? :D



Oh I like that .......... STUFF ...... sounds like a new "techie" word .............

'hello this is the tech help desk, it appears you are having a "stuff" problem' :D

This is giving me a headache. Why don't we just shove that last odd or end or stuff or thingummy or kack or odd sock or whatever it is, and shove it all on the floor with the rest of the odds and ends, and all go to the pub. First round's on me. :D
but if their are two (you and mate ) in the pub, and you have a half, and your mate has a pint, his half is a half, but your half to him is a quarter, so if he when to the bar and you asked for a half, would it be your half or his half, if it was your half he would save money.

i'll buy your a drink, and mines a pint
I remember a poster advert for something I forget, but it had "fluff' freeman (an old radio 2 dj who has sadly passed away now) and it just said:
"A pint! Not half!"

One for the old-timers, I think! :D