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There has been some work on using the sound switch as a means of adetection and cropping, see
Thanks for the link. I reverse engineered it into a python script that chops the front and back off the recording to keep avidemux happy plus gives a list of where the ads are. Not quite accurate enough to trust it to remove the ads itself unfortuntely. It's as good as I'm going to get though.


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This is a python3 script to decrypt .ts files. Works on linux, may work on other OSs, minimal testing done. Put YOUR key in the key string instead of 0000... obviously.
Decoded a 4GB .ts file in 3 minutes on my laptop. Thought someone might find it useful...

from Crypto.Cipher import DES3
import sys

key = bytearray.fromhex("00000000000000000000000000000000")

des =,DES3.MODE_ECB)

if len(sys.argv) != 2:
    print("Name of file to fix required")

with open( sys.argv[1]+"fixed.ts", "wb", buffering=1024*1024) as outfile:
    with open( sys.argv[1], "rb", buffering=1024*1024) as infile:
        rec =

        while rec:
            if (rec[7] & 0x30 ) == 0x10 :
                decoded = des.decrypt(rec[8:])
                outrec = rec[:8]+decoded
                start = 9+rec[8]
                stop = 8*int((len(rec)-start)/8)+start
                decoded = des.decrypt(rec[start:stop])
                outrec = rec[:start]+decoded+rec[stop:]

            rec =




I had set my Hummy to decrypt recursively at the top, then changed my mind and cancelled it. It now creates two files: the intended recording and one called -dec (e.g. Mission_ Impossible - Fallout_20210220_2100.ts and Mission_ Impossible - Fallout_20210220_2100-dec.ts respectively).

How do I overcome this?

Many thanks in advance,

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I assume you are using an HD-FOX, as a HDR-FOX does not need to use the beta stripts to achieve decryption.

Recursive decryption from the Video folder is enabled by clicking the OPT+ button icon in WebIF >> Browse Media Files, alongside the heading where it shows the current folder. The option is called "Recursive Auto-Decrypt". Unfortunately, there is nothing to indicate whether it is enabled or not until you click it - a message will briefly say whether it has just been enabled or disabled (this seems like an oversight).

It seems likely that you have not actually disabled it, therefore each auto-cycle (every 10 minutes) new recordings are scanned for and queued for decryption.

There should then follow a clean-up, unless the result of decryption is obviously not the right size.


Thanks for the very prompt response. I am on the wrong thread. :-( Is there a way to move my q etc to the correct thread?

It is an HDR-Fox T2 that I have.

I clicked on the option and it set it; on the second click it then un-set it (the latest message is "Unflagged directory as autodecryptR").

The files look to be the same size (6.02 GiB).

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All you need to do is delete the one you don't want. Something went wrong with the clean-up, but it sounds like it was a one-off.


Alas it’s a frequent occurrence. I think it happens when the target is the top level; and it doesn’t when in folders (series).