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OneForAll 5 Digital Stealth ( URC 7555)


I've had issues getting this to work using my new hummy, worked fine on my 9300t ( for sale !)

Anyway I cleared all stored commands on the SAT key using:

- Press MAGIC until the light blink twice.
- Press 976 and the light should blink twice.
- Press two time SAT (SAT, SAT) the light should blink twice.

The reprogrammed it using code SAT 1176
This gave me 90% of the remote functions. Manually I got the 7555 to learn the other commands from the hummy remote.

Seems to be working well !!

All this so I could have volume pass through.


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I have the black version of this (7556). Brilliant remote. I actually taught the P+/P- buttons to act as the volume control on my AV amp leaving the volume controls to act as the TV volume punch through. But I have run out of device buttons and out of learning mode memory so I now use my Foxsat HDR remote to also control my TV and Bluray player and AV amp with the OFA controlling my VCR, HDD/DVDR, Freeview PVRs, TV and AV amp. I did get a Harmony to try and control everything but I just could not get on with it. I guess you are either a OFA person or a Harmony person (like I have a Shoei helmet shaped head rather than an Arai helmet shaped head).