Options on fix-disk?

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What are the options on fix-disk in maintenance mode? My parents HDR Fox T2 has been showing errors in the Humax disk checker for nearly two years, but no apparent effect in use. I've finally persuaded them to let me install custom firmware, and the box has a wired connection I put in under the floor to the router. I'm currently running fix-disk in Maintenance Mode from telnet, and it is coming up with a seemingly endless stream of blocks it is asking about eg.

Running short disk self test
Error at LBA 12094281
Do you wish to attempt repair of the bad block? [Y/N]: y
re-writing sector 12094281: succeeded

Is there an option to tell it to just fix everything it finds? And if there is, is it safe to interrupt this fix-disk and if so how?

The SMART data looked quite alarming. Over 3000 hours up time, and at least that many errors.
If it needs a new disc, I have a DTR-T1000 Youview box which is scrap as far as I am concerned. I kept it because the hard disc and power supply looked usable as spares for HDR Fox T2s. Is this correct?
It says this file cannot be fully recovered:


What is that? Doesn't look like a recording but it is a .ts file.
This hard disc of my parents HDR is in a real mess. I've checked and fixed it three times and there are still errors. It's getting less each time but it doesn't look good. Only just over 3000 hours up time on the disc, less than one of mine.

I've just got back from installing CF on my Aunt's box (using a wifi HotSpot created by my iPad from its 3G), the main point being to install the fan package. Anyway, her disc has over 11,000 hours uptime on it and yet has no reported errors, disc check says it's fine.

There is a pattern though. My boxes and my Aunts are on shelves on their own with a lot of free air around them, so even without the fan package the temperature will have been lower. My parents box is on a shelf with a load of other hifi gear and has only 1 inch of free space above it to the next glass shelf, so it's probably been running hotter. Or it could just be random variation, disc failures are pretty random. Impossible to tell with such a short sample.
I'm still looking for something to type in the additional options for the disc checker, known in the trade as a -jfdi option (Just Effing Do It). I don't want to be asked sector by sector if I want them fixed, I just want it to try to fix everything it finds so I don't have to sit here for hours on end in case I have to press Y.
It did that for me before I replaced my hdd. If there is an option to automate the Y/N prompt, it's not obvious.. But perhaps it's not meant to be.

Took me hours to run fix disk as it would constantly wait for a Y/N..

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There isn't (currently) a way to automate the response to Y/N in the sector fix phase. I would guess that it was never expected that there would be very many of those!
The actual filesystem checks do assume yes to all questions.
Finally got to the stage where running the short disc test from the Maintenance Menu passes, and a fix-disk finds nothing to fix. But running the Humax menu HDD test it has been going for 15 minutes and still not finished.
Probably too late now, but the Humax test used to just be the same short disk test, and you can check progress from the telnet menu. However, Humax changed the test in some way with 1.03 firmwares and I haven't looked to see exactly what it does now.
Well the Humax test ran for at least 2 hours last night before I went to bed. You've just reminded me to check the results.

EDIT: Disable OTA reminder had cut in and the box was tuned to BBCi, no sign of disc test results. Maintenance menu says a short test failed.
If you do run it again, you can monitor the test progress through the web interface->diagnostics->hard disk page - the running test should appear in the bottom table. If you have a short test failure then it should also tell you what disk block caused the problem.
I'm back in Maintenance Mode. A short disc test now passes, several times in a row. And a fix-disk finds nothing wrong. So it's now running a long disc test, I'll see the results about 13:10.
The disc has now passed both a short and extended test in Maintenance Mode with no errors. But now I'm running the Humax HDD Test, the web interface disc diagnostics show that after the extended test pass there was a short test which failed with a read error, this must be what Humax ran.

How can the disc pass both a short and extended test in Maintenance Mode and then only an hour later fail a short test by the Humax data? There are no additional disc errors showing.

EDIT: and the Humax test is still running, doing something that takes ages.
I think the Humax software just misses the fact that the short hard dics test fails, and it sits there forever waiting for a result that is never going to come.
Weird. Short, long, then short disc test all pass without errors in Maintenance Mode. But if I run a Humax HDD Test I have to stop it (sits there for hours), and the Hard Disc diagnostic in webif shows a failed Short test. How can it fail when the Humax software runs it and pass when Maintenance Mode runs it? And even after the Humax short test failure, fix-disc says there are no pending bad blocks to fix, but surely there should be if a short test has failed?
When the test fails, is there any other information shown?

The webif diagnostic page for hard disc shows the failed test and the first LBA that failed, same as it did when Maintenance Mode was failing disc tests. The Humax HDD Test never actually completes, it just sits there forever with the swirly thing swirling round and the TV showing the current channel behind it (live video and audio working).